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CFAES Recognition Program 2016

April 6, 2016

The College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences Recognition Program was held Thursday, April 7, at the Ohio Union Archie Griffin Ballroom.

The banquet is dedicated to a person each year. This year the honor went to one of Animal Sciences' own, Dr. Henry Zerby, chair.

The following animal and meat sciences students were honored:

Outstanding Seniors, i.e., "Top 20 Seniors" (with chosen mentor to recognize)
  • Jared Ashworth (Dr. Jeff Firkins)
  • Amy Engelbrecht (Dr. Ana Grum)
  • Mike Estock (Dr. Maurice Eastridge)
  • Rachel Fladung (Dr. Steve Moeller)
  • Colton Harstine (Dr. Jeff Firkins)
  • Holden Hutchinson (Ms. Ann Ottobre)
  • Shyla Kreager (Dr. Joe Ottobre)
  • Taylor Kruse (Dr. Maurice Eastridge)
  • Antoinette Metzler (Dr. Pasha Lyvers Peffer)
  • Christine Snowden (Dr. Steve Moeller)

Also recognized was Rachel Townsley, A Food Science and Technology major, who has been a valuable employee in the animal science Extension suite for 4 years and was a recognized judge on the dairy  judging  team last year. She chose Ms. Bonnie Ayars as her mentor for recognition.

Newcomb Scholars
  • Kaleb Curry (year four)
  • Clint Gasser (year three)
  • Sarah Harp (year four)
  • Aislinn Latham (year two)
  • Gartielle Ruble (year four)
  • Ellen Schwieterman (year three)
  • Randi Shaw (year two)
OARDC Research Award (SEEDS OARDC Research Enhancement Competitive Grants Program)
  • Doug Liebe
Jill A. Pfister Outstanding First Year Student
  • Hannah Meller
Ray A. Miller Council Scholarship
  • Taylor Kruse
Gamma Sigma Delta Scholarship
  • Gabrielle Ruble
CFAES Intership Award for Animal Sciences
  • Karli Lane. Internship at Murphy Brown, LLC
Ed Johnson Outstanding Student Organization Award nominee (1 of 3)
  • Buckeye Dairy Club