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Dairy Judging Team Brings Home Win

Sep. 10, 2013

The Ohio State University Dairy Judging Team brought home a victory at the Pennsylvania All American contest held in September. The team was composed of Robin Alden, Jared Smith, Lara Staples, and Jacquelyn Sherry. As a team they won by 14 points over the second place, Michigan. They also earned the second place rank in reasons.

Individually, Lara finished 7th overall and 3rd in reasons, Jared in 3rd overall, and Robin in 2nd with a 5th place in reasons.

In Ayrshires, Jacquelyn was 3rd and the team was 5th. For the Brown Swiss breed, Robin was second as was the team. With Guernseys, the team was second. Holstein honors went to Robin as the high individual and again the team was in a 2nd place finish. Rounding out the breeds, Jerseys brought Lara a 3rd place, Jared in 4th and the 2nd high team.

As the excitement mounted during the results, it was good to look around the room and see so many familiar and supportive faces from Ohio. You could nearly hear the chant, “Go Bucks!”

Complete breakdowns on all teams and breeds are available at

See the Hoard's Dairyman Facebook page for full contest results:

High Individuals Overall:

7: Lara Staples, Ohio State

3: Jared Smith, Ohio State

2: Robin Alden, Ohio State

Overall Team:

5: 1951 Virginia Tech

4: 1970 Penn State

3: 2003 Cornell

2: 2019 Michigan State

1: 2033 Ohio State

Reasons Individuals:

5:Robin Alden, Ohio State

3: Lara Staples, Ohio State

Reasons Team:

5: Michigan State

4: Virginia Tech

3: Penn State

2: Ohio State

1: Cornell

Jersey Individuals:

4: Jared Smith, Ohio State

3: Laura Staples, Ohio State

Jersey Team

5: Minnesota

4: Penn State

3: North Dakota

2: Ohio State

1: Cornell

Holstein Individuals:

1: Robin Alden, Ohio

Holstein Team

5: North Dakota

4: Illinois

3: Michigan

2: Ohio State

1: Penn State

Ayrshire Indiv:

3rd: Jacquelyn Sherry, Ohio State

Ayrshire Team

5th: Ohio State

4th: Michigan State

3rd: Virginia Tech

2nd: Penn State

1st: Cornell

Brown Swiss Indiv:

2: Robin Alden, Ohio

Brown Swiss Team

2nd: Ohio State


Guernsey Team:

5: Illinois

4: Virginia Tech

3: Cornell

2: Ohio

1: Michigan State