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DeBruin Inducted into Animal Science Hall of Fame

March 30, 2015

Dr. Steven DeBruin was inducted into the Animal Science Hall of Fame Friday night at the Department of Animal Sciences annual recognition event, An Evening of Excellence.

Dr. Steve DeBruin has been helping animals his entire life beginning at just nine years of age when he set the broken leg of a bird. Dr. DeBruin received his undergraduate degree in 1977 in Dairy Science. After graduation, he took over the operation of his grandfather’s farm in Amanda, Ohio. At that time, there was a shortage of FFA teachers, so Don Myers, Principal of Amanda-Clearcreek High School, asked Steve to attend a summer program at Ohio State for “emergency” teaching certification. Steve began teaching agriculture that fall. In the summer of 1979, Steve was accepted into The Ohio State University Veterinary School. He remained committed to agriculture, driving 50 miles each way to school so he could continue a cow-calf and farrowing operation on the farm. As a senior, Steve was presented the Excellence in Food Animal Medicine and Surgery Award and his Doctorate in 1983.  He then set up practice as a solo practitioner in Millersport, Ohio, starting Feeder Creek Veterinary Services, Inc. The practice now has three additional veterinarians. Numerous students have had an introduction to veterinary medicine while riding with Steve or doing internships at the veterinary practice. 

Dr. DeBruin is an active member of the agricultural community.  He has served on Ohio’s long-range planning committee on behalf of both the beef and dairy industries.  He has represented Fairfield, Hocking, Licking, and Perry Counties for two and a half terms on the Ohio Cattlemen’s Association board and went on to serve as the Ohio Cattlemen’s Association president.

One of his most requested educational programs is on calving which is complete with a blue tarp birth canal.  He drafts one of his kids or a volunteer from the audience to be the calf. The program helps farmers learn about the birthing process, how they may assist, and when to call the veterinarian. Dr. DeBruin is a consulting veterinarian on some of the largest dairies in Ohio. Dr. DeBruin and his wife, Patty, have four daughters.