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Dr. Stephen Boyles retires following decades of impact on beef producers nationwide

March 27, 2024

Dr. Stephen Boyles will retire from his role in the Department of Animal Sciences at The Ohio State University in March of 2024, following thirty plus years of service to our students, faculty, and the Ohio community at large. Boyles service to the department has been critical in the advancement of the Department of Animal Sciences through his adaptability and flexibility in his extension and teaching endeavors.

Boyles was a Buckeye from as early as he can remember, with his father working at an Ohio State research station  unit in the 1960s and introducinging Boyles to Ohio State. Although his undergraduate career led him to Virginia Tech, he returned to Ohio State to complete his masters before moving on to Kansas for his PhD program. Following his PhD program, Boyles spent time at North Dakota State University, working closely with cattle producers and leveraging his own agricultural background to create cattle feed rations that reduced the cost of the feed bill without sacrificing cattle success. He continued this work when he returned to Ohio State as a Professor and Extension specialist for the state’s beef producers.

Dr. Boyles’ tailored approach and belief that nutrition is not a one-size-fits-all has been a critical component in his success, helping him save producers thousands of dollars on their nutrition program each year. His pre-conditioning programs in calves on Ohio farms have also played a key role in supporting the economic viability of cattle operations in years when it was needed most. Boyles also has worked as a beef cattle nutrition consultant in Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Slovakia, Russia, and Mongolia.Dr. Boyles receives 2021 NCBA Educator award

More recently Boyles has received recognition through his extensive work in the Beef Quality Assurance (BQA) program, developing “corral kits” to aid in facility design. The kits have been instrumental in generating collaborations between producers and educators to improve the handling and welfare of cattle. Boyles also works to train first responders and producers in the event of a livestock emergency. These trainings have spanned several states and have been actively implemented in highway incidents and other events throughout the country that involve animals.

While Dr. Boyles’ accomplishments in the community are extraordinary, his work in the classroom is just as notable. Throughout his career, he has taught courses in beef production, nutrition, contemporary issues, animal use, capstone experience, and professional development. In his teaching and advising, Boyles has impacted the lives of thousands of students. He worked with many young people with backgrounds in production agriculture and always took a mentor approach. Dr. Boyles understood the role of an advisor as so much more than just academics– he offered insights on careers and on life that positively impacted his advisees beyond their time in Columbus. As an educator, Boyles was known for spurring lively discussion and encouraging students to think critically.

Today, Dr. Stephen Boyles has spent over three decades impacting the lives of livestock producers and young people in the state of Ohio and beyond. He has been recognized as a CFAES Distinguished Teacher, as well as a National BQA Educator Award Recipient. Boyles notes how thankful he is to have worked alongside faculty that were peers, mentors, and friends. Boyles will be spending his retirement traveling the country with his wife– his high school sweetheart– visiting national parks. He also looks forward to spending time with his two children in his retirement.

Please join us in thanking, CFAES Distinguished Teacher, Dr. Stephen Boyles for his contributions to the college, department, and community in his thirty years at The Ohio State University.