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eXtension Animal Welfare CoP has OSU Roots

Dec. 20, 2013

In May 2013, a group led by The Ohio State University Department of Animal Sciences personnel launched the eXtension Animal Welfare Community of Practice (CoP) website. The Animal Welfare CoP is a team of experts that includes state, regional, and county Extension educators and research and teaching professionals who have expertise in the application and implementation of farm animal welfare science, expertise in farm animal production, and/or interest in current farm animal welfare issues and their impact on animal agriculture.

The Animal Welfare CoP strives to provide science-based and peer-reviewed information regarding animal welfare to livestock and poultry personnel and to consumers and the public. The national effort also allows development of new educational materials and learning opportunities to address current issues and to respond to future issues as they arise. The community aims to remain a reliable, long-standing resource that responds promptly to the questions and concerns of the community of interest. 

Animals of the following species are included in the resources provided by the community: cattle (dairy and beef), sheep, goats, horses, camelids (llamas and alpacas), poultry (chickens and turkeys), and swine. 

The Animal Welfare Community of Practice provides:

  • ANSWERS TO FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS (FAQS):  Users may search for clear, concise answers from the team of experts regarding any species in the community.
  • ASK THE EXPERT:  If users are unable to find or have more specific questions, ask the professionals directly.
  • FEATURED ARTICLES:  The professionals offer current in-depth, peer-reviewed articles covering various topics in animal welfare.

Committee members from The Ohio State University include Dr. Maurice Eastridge, Dr. Paul Kuber, Dr. Kimberly Cole, Dr. Stephen Boyles, Mr. John Grimes, Mr. Dale Ricker, and Ms. Jessica Pempek. The committee also has been strongly supported by Dr. Ron Kensinger, Dr. Keith Smith, and Dr. Don Breece. To link directly to the community's page, click here.

Information provided by Jessica Pempek.