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Department of Animal Sciences


Iowa State University Invitational

Feb. 18, 2016
Meat Judging Team

The 2016 Ohio State University Meats Judging Team in the Department of Animal Sciences returned form its second meat judging contest, Iowa State University Invitational, held in Ames, IA. The Fightin' Buckeyes finished 5th out of ten total teams.

The team placed third in beef grading and fourth in specifications, and it placed fifth in beef judging, overall beef, pork judging, total placing, and total reasons.

Zachary Temple, a junior in Animal Sciences (minoring in Meat Science) from Mansfield, OH, finished 10th overall and 3rd overall in specifications.

Emily Warnock, a junior from Columbus, OH, majoring in Animal Science (minoring in Meat Science) finished 7th in lamb judging.

"This contest is a step in a forward direction from our first contest held in Denver, CO (National Western). The key is to continue to move forward, one day at a time, learn from mistakes, work hard, and keep our goal in clear view: the International (Championship) contest. But most importantly, have fun in what we do. Strengthen their weaknesses and perfect their strengths," saidGarcia.

The Fightin' Buckeyes now have the next and last contest of the semester in their sights. The Southeastern Meat Judging Contest will be held in Orient, OH, at the Ohio Correctional Facilities and at the University of Kentucky in Lexington on April 8 & 9, 2016. They will continue to practice during the week and Saturdays.

The 2016 Meats Judging team is coached by graduate student Trey Garza from McAllen, TX, and supervised by Dr. Lyda G. Garcia, assistant professor, meat xcience.

Photo top right: Front L-R: April Rose, Nickole McKibben, Emily Warnock, Sierra Jepsen, Jacob Copelin, Kristen Browne, Caroline Miller, Trey Garza (Coach). Back L-R: Victoria Trbovich (alumni), Zachary Temple, Ethan Scheffler, Ian Van Kirk.