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Katen Honored at CFAES Recognition Banquet

April 18, 2014

The Department of Animal Sciences is pleased to announce that Mr. Tom Katen from Cargill Ingredients, Wilshire, OH, was recognized with a Meritorious Service to Students Award at the 61st Annual College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences Recognition Banquet on April 17, 2014, at the Ohio Union on The Ohio State University campus. Katen was nominated by Dr. Henry Zerby and following are excerpts from that nomination.

Katen has been assisting students in the Meat Science Program at The Ohio State University for over 10 years. He has served as a guest lecturer in multiple classes each term (Processed Meats, Food Animal Processing, and Branded Meat Products), conveying practical and applied industry-based knowledge and expertise that enhances the student experience. He has provided guidance and assistance to several undergraduate and graduate student research projects throughout the years, adding an element of industry-based focus on real-world application to the projects. 

In addition, Katen has offered extensive support to the program through the donation of ingredients and supplies used in classroom activities. Through the donations, Katen has directly supported the Meat Science Program, allowing Ron Cramer (Meat Science Laboratory Manager), Dr. Macdonald Wick, and Dr. Henry Zerby to offer students unique and innovative opportunities to explore further processing of meats. Katen can often be found in the Meat Science Laboratory conducting product development work with fellow industry personnel, and alongside him are a couple of our undergraduate student workers actively engaged in assisting and learning from the actively. He recognizes these hands-on activities with the students as teachable moments and also as opportunities to help them network with industry representatives. He has been instrumental throughout the years in helping students gain internships and final employment with several different companies and continues to promote our students on a daily basis.

Katen is always willing to make the trip to Columbus to help support student activities. He has served as an official for the Saddle & Sirloin Ham & Corned Beef Contest on multiple occasions; he has assisted the Meat Science Club with fund raising programs and in the development of products for the Reciprocal Meats Conference competitions.  Katen has also helped obtain monetary support for activities of the Meat Science Club and the Meats Judging Team. Katen recognizes the importance of having industry and stakeholders play an active role in supporting our educational programs as well as our co- and extra-curricular activities.

Tom Katen is always willing to help, teach, and serve. He is one of those people who will go the extra mile to make our program better. He truly has made a difference in our programs, and we are sure he will continue to have a very positive and lasting impact on our program and our students in the future.