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Meat Judging Team Starts Year in New Location

Jan. 25, 2016

The 2016 Ohio State University Meats Judging Team in the Department of Animal Sciences began a new year of competition. The 2016 meats judging team opened their season with their first competition, held on January 17th, placing 10th (out of 13) at the National Western contest in Denver, Colorado. This is the first time the Fightin’ Buckeyes competed in the National Western. The contest is held at JBS beef packing in Greely, CO, and a banquet is held at the National Western Stockshow in Denver, CO.

(Photo at right: Back Left to Right: Nicole McKibben; April Rose; Sierra Jepsen; Ian Van Kirk; (Coach) Trey Garza; Emily Warnock; Kristen Browne; Chandler Hopkins; Allison Price; Ethan Scheffler and Zachary Temple. Front Center: Jacob Copelin and Caroline Miller.)

Overall, The Fightin’ Buckeyes resulted  6th in Beef Judging; 6th in Pork Judging; and 6th in Lamb Judging as well as 7th in Total Placings and 7th in Total Reasons.

April Rose, a junior majoring in Animal Sciences (minoring in Meat Science) from Conover, OH, individually placed fourth in pork judging, fifth in beef judging, and sixth in total reasons.

Zachary Temple, a junior in Animal Sciences (minoring in Meat Science) from Mansfield, OH, individually placed second in beef judging.

Additional students representing the Buckeyes at the National Western Contest include:

  • Caroline Miller, a sophomore from Lindsey, OH double majoring in Meat Science and Agribusiness and Applied Economics
  • Ian Van Kirk, a senior from Alexandria, OH majoring in Animal Science (majoring in Meat Science)
  • Chandler Hopkins, a junior from McConnelsville, OH majoring in Animal Science (minoring in Meat Science)
  • Sierra Jepsen, a senior from Amanda, OH majoring in Agribusiness & Applied Economics (minoring in Animal Science and Meat Science)
  • Nicole McKibben, a senior from New Vienna, OH majoring in Animal Science, minoring in Meat Science
  • Allison Price, a freshman from Tiffin, OH majoring in Animal Sciences (Biosciences)
  • Kristin Browne, a senior from Hudson, OH majoring in Animal Science (minoring in Meat Science)
  • Jacob Copelin,  a junior from Fairbanks, Alaska majoring in Animal Science (minoring in Nutrition and Meat Science)
  • Ethan Scheffler, a senior from Zanesville, OH an Animal Science major (minoring in Meat Science)
  • Emily Warnock, a junior from Columbus, OH majoring in Animal Science (minoring in Meat Science)

“This first contest helps us get a good picture where we are as a team and individually in preparation of upcoming competitions. Considering other universities have packing plants in their backyards, I truly believe our Buckeyes did well. The goal is to strengthen their weaknesses and perfect their strengths.” said Garcia.

The Buckeyes are preparing for their next contest, Iowa Invitational Meat Judging Contest in Aimes, IA, February 13th, 2016. Currently, the meat judging team has started practicing on Saturday mornings in addition to weekly practices.

The 2016 Meats Judging team is coached by graduate student Trey Garza from McAllen, Texas, and supervised by the Meat judging Coordinator and Assistant Professor of Meat Science, Dr. Lyda G. Garcia.