Michael Loveless Wins First Place at Denman Undergraduate Research Forum

April 11, 2018

Michael Loveless, a senior earning his B.S. in Nutrition with a major in Animal Sciences, won first place in the Animal Sciences category at the 23rd Annual Richard J. and Martha D. Denman Undergraduate Research Forum. Loveless, an Honors student from Springboro, Ohio, presented a poster on his research entitled “PFK-1 Transcript Amounts in the Liver and Skeletal Muscle of Pigeons and Quail Acutely Exposed to High Embryonic Incubation Temperatures.” Dr. Pasha Lyvers-Peffer, associate professor, was the advisor for the research project.

EiMichael Loveless' research posterghteen Animal Sciences students participated in the Denman Undergraduate Research Forum. Assistant Professors Dr. Daniel Clark and Dr. Eric England supervised two additional projects for students outside of Animal Sciences. Over 700 students presented posters over 3 sessions during the event, held on April 3, 2018 at the Ohio Union.



Animal Sciences Denman Undergraduate Research Forum Participants




Amy Albers


Water and Earth

The efficacy of pulsed electric field to reduce antimicrobial resistant bacteria in wastewater

Mikaela Disbennett


Animal Sciences

Effects of branched chain volatile fatty acid or branched chain amino acid supplementation on fiber degradation and bacterial fatty acid profile in in vitro

Tarshangi Dixit


Animal Sciences

Validation of scan sampling techniques for behavioral observations of broiler chickens

Lauren Hamer


Animal Sciences

The effects of supplementing essential long chain fatty acids to ewes in late gestation on offspring and ewes

Erin Hamlin


Animal Sciences

Generation of transgenic quail expressing GFP within liver cells, via the LB-FABP promoter

Jade Hettick


Animal Sciences

Effect of lysophospholipid on rumen fermentation and feed digestibility: In vitro

Taylor Klass


Environmental Responses of Plants & Crops

Assessment of smallholder urban and peri-urban dairy production with zero-grazing practices in Kampala, Uganda

Jack Korenyi-Both


Animal Sciences

Evaluation of effects of different necrotic enteritis models in chickens

Aislinn Latham


Molecular Genetics and Genomics

In vivo characterization of FACT complex proteins in C. elegans

Sidney Long


Animal Sciences

Cryopreservation of Dirofilaria immitis microfilaria-infected blood for teaching diagnostic techniques and parasite identification

Michael Loveless


Animal Sciences

PFK-1 Transcript Amounts in the Liver and Skeletal Muscle of Pigeons and Quail Acutely Exposed to High Embryonic Incubation Temperatures

Julia Rose


Animal Sciences

The effects of environmental enrichment on behavior and productivity of fast-growing broiler chickens

Madeline Schwarz


Animal Sciences

Methods to improve anesthetic thermoregulation and postoperative recovery time in the acute kidney injury canine model

Hailey Shoemaker


Animal Sciences

The Effects of Lysozyme on Feed Efficiency and Growth Perfomance in Swine

Lauren Sommers


Animal Sciences

How does the presence of live animals effect the millennial generation’s reaction to conservation education?

Ariel Taylor


Animal Sciences

Effects of Maternal Dietary Phospholipids on Neonatal Piglet Intestinal Health

Jaime Uren


Animal Sciences

Environmental enrichment of calves using stationary and mechanical brushes

Kathryn Whinnery

Animal Sciences

Effects of prebiotics on growth, nonesterified fatty acids and glucose in bottle fed dairy heifers