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OARDC Annual Research Conference

April 25, 2014

Dr. Sandy Velleman and Dr. Timothy Hackmann were honored at the 2014 Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center's Annual Research Conference on Thursday, April 24. The theme of the conference was "From Biology to Business -- The Transformational Power of Big Data." Dr. Velleman received the 2014 Distinguished Senior Faculty Research Award (click here for YouTube video; click here for article in Ohio's Country Journal), and Dr. Hackmann (PhD - OSUN, 2013; Advisor: Dr. J. Firkins) received the 2014 OARDC William E. Krauss Director's Award for Excellence in Graduate Research for his paper "Quantifying the Responses of MIxed Rumen Microbes to Excess Carbohydrate". Four Animal Sciences students and employees participated in the poster session:

Master's Students

  • Alston Brown. "Effects of oscillating the crude protein content in dairy cow rations." Advisor: Dr. William Weiss

PhD Students

  • Antrison Morris. "25-hydroxycholecalciferol improves growth performance and decreases inflammation during an experimental lipopolysaccharide challenge in broiler birds." Advisor: Dr. Ramesh Selvaraj

Post Docs

  • 1st Place - Dr. Victor Ujor. "Exploiting glycerol metabolism for in situ detoxification of furfual during butanol production by Clostridium beijerinckii NCIMB 8052." Advisor: Dr. Thaddeus Ezeji

Research Associates/Assistants

  • Revathi Shanmugasundaram. "Effect of yeast cell prebiotic supplementation on turkey performance and intestinal bacterial population during an experimental lipopolysaccharide injection." Advisor: Dr. Ramesh Selvaraj