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Ohio Sheep Improvement Association and Ohio State University Extension Announces Sheep and Goat Webinar Programs

Jan. 9, 2014

In a coordinated effort, the Ohio Sheep Improvement Association and Ohio State University Extension are pleased to announce the 2014 Sheep and Goat Webinar Programs.  The Sheep and Goat Webinar Program series was started in 2012 due to an increased need to get educational programming to the sheep and goat producers in state of Ohio and other states.  The Sheep and Goat Webinar programs followed 10 years of “District” type programming.  This program offers a wide variety of topics and speakers in most areas of the state of Ohio, but allows the use of speakers from other states, universities, or industry relationships with those speakers attending all of the different sites.  In 2014, we are offering 16 “District” Sheep and Goat Webinar programs.

The Sheep and Goat Program Webinar series is sponsored by the Ohio Sheep Improvement Association and OSU Extension.  With each of the programs we have provided a program date, the remote site program locations, the time, the speaker and topic, as well as any contact information for the key OSU Extension Personnel responsible for the educational program at each remote county location.  Please contact OSU Extension Personnel at the remote sites with any questions or concerns regarding the program that you are interested in attending, especially in the case of inclement weather.   Cancellation due to inclement weather may also be announced on local radio stations.   

For more information about the Ohio Sheep Improvement Association please refer to its website at or contact the OSIA office at (614) 246-8299.

Click here to link to Sheep and Goat Webinar Series schedule and remote locations (note that Carroll County will be added to the list, so now there are 19 sites across the state of Ohio to view the sheep and goat webinar series.). Follow or for program changes or additional remote sites.