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Still looking for a course for autumn semester 2022? Check out these offerings:

July 29, 2022
Autumn semester courses

3101 – Equine Facilities, Marketing, and Management: Aspects of equine business management, marketing, and facility design. Prereq: 2200.01 (200), 2221 (201), or 2300H (200H).


3306 – Poultry Selection and Evaluation: Learn about the principles of poultry science; the evaluation and ranking of standard breeds of chickens; and the evaluation and grading of poultry meat and egg products. In addition, the course will cover practical and safe handling techniques of live poultry. Prereq: Soph standing or above, or permission of instructor.


5100 – Advanced Growth and Development: A molecular developmental approach to the study of tissue growth, structure, and function in animals and humans. Prereq: 9 cr hrs in 3000-level or above AnimSci course, and Jr standing or above, or Grad standing.


5031 – Ruminant Nutrition: Principles of ruminant nutrition: nutrients, metabolism, and physiology. Includes computer formulations and feeding strategies for nutritional management of ruminants. Prereq: 3130 (330), or Grad standing.