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Students benefit through OSU Meat Science Extension and Prairie View A&M University collaboration.

Aug. 7, 2023
Dr. Lyda Garcia with Prairie View A&M University Students

     Through a collaboration with Prairie View A&M University, Ohio State University’s Associate Professor and Extension Meat Specialist, Dr. Lyda G. Garcia welcomed four undergraduate students for the month of July to learn and get hands-on experience working alongside OSU Meat Science Extension programs, County Fairs, and National Associations to name a few. This collaboration is made possible through a Prairie View A&M University Students grant  provided  by the United States Department of Agriculture’s (USDA’s) National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA).  The grant is geared towards higher education with workforce development in the Meat Industry through meat science. “The objective is for the students to take what they have learned in the classroom and relay that to real world applications.”


     The students were able to take part in working at nine carcass shows throughout Ohio, each show averaging 15-70 carcasses.  The students evaluated and provided results and rankings to youth exhibitors. Jaeda Harris, Prairie View A&M University, Animal Science Junior said that this collaboration has been a “Great opportunity, really opened my eyes and has been very hands on, I was surprised to see what activities are going Prairie View A&M University Students on in the Meat Industry. It’s a lot.” Twenty-five lamb producers came to Ohio for the Annual National Lamb Feeders Association (NLFA) Howard Wyman Leadership School. The students were able to attend lectures and help with organizing and running the show. The students also took part in the American Hereford Youth Association working alongside American Jr. Hereford youth members, assisted with the goat skillathon at the Ohio State Fair, and various extension programs with Dr. Garcia. Raquel Lemond, Prairie View A&M University, Animal Science Junior said “Knowing and understanding the safety that takes place behind the scenes during meat processing, has been great hands-on experience. This has been a great opportunity; the program allows you to get ahead while taking meat science courses while pursuing a degree. Dr. Garcia is on the move. We have seen a lot in one month.”


     “One of my main objectives was to show the impact of live management practices on meat quality and safety; this is so critical yet often missed” – Dr. Lyda G. Garcia


     The various opportunities and programs the students have taken part in this summer has been beneficial to all involved. Kayla Miles, Prairie View A&M University, Pre-Vet Senior “This program opened my eyes to see different career paths that I was not aware of. Seeing show animals in carcass shows really opened my eyes” Jada Ennis, Prairie View A&M University, Food Science Junior said, “The Extension Program allowed me to gain valuable hands-on work experience and develop skills that will apply to Animal Food Science. Food safety is a big part of the industry. All the PPE’s used and cold temperatures make a difference.”