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Students Present at Denman

March 25, 2015

Seventeen Animal and Meat Sciences students presented their undergraduate research at the 20th Annual Richard J. and Martha D. Denman Undergraduate Research Forum. In addition, three Animal Sciences judges were nominated as 2015 Outstanding and Distinguished Research Mentors: Dr. Steven Moeller, Ms. Jessica Pempek, and Dr. John Reddish.

Laura Whalin and Rachel Leimbach received 2nd place in the Agriculture / Ecological / Environmental Science category. Dr. Kichoon Lee was advisor to the winning poster presenter in the category, Biology student Ju Yeon Park.

Find abstracts on the Denman web site.



Effectiveness of treating subclinical ketosis in dairy cows
Presenter(s): Albert Brown
Advisor(s):  Maurice Eastridge

Oxytocin concentrations in septic and dummy foals
Presenter(s): Caroline Brown
Advisor(s):  Ramiro Toribio
Veterinary Medicine

Overstocking the feed bunk may effect dairy cow temperament
Presenter(s): Danielle Coleman
Advisor(s):  Maurice Eastridge

The impact of social media marketing campaigns on consumer perceptions of the food animal industry
Presenter(s): Katherine Dowling
Advisor(s):  Emily Buck
Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences
Pasha Lyvers-Peffer

Evaluating pain response of metritic versus healthy cows
Presenter(s): Natalia Jurcak
Advisor(s):  Maurice Eastridge

Overexpression of G0/G1 switch gene 2 inhibiting adipose triglyceride lipase during laying
Presenter(s): Elizabeth Kim
Advisor(s):  Kichoon Lee

Influence of a maternal dietary yeast supplement on immunoglobulin concentrations in foals from birth to four months of age
Presenter(s): Rachel Leimbach
Advisor(s):  Kimberly Cole

Rumen epithelial gene expression in response to oral NaHCO3 treatment in holstein bull calves
Presenter(s): Emily Meese
Advisor(s):  Kristy Daniels

The effect of prebiotic and probiotic supplementation on intestinal maturity in turkey poults
Presenter(s): Kate Meizlish
Advisor(s):  Michael Lilburn
Macdonald Wick

Measurement and correlation of serum and fecal Immunoglobulin A in quarter horse mares
Presenter(s): Erin Morgan
Advisor(s):  Kimberly Cole

Effects of feeding lauric, stearic, or linoleic acid on rumen protozoa motility, proportion of living cells, and fatty acid uptake
Presenter(s): Dennis Morris
Advisor(s):  Jeffrey Firkins

Quantification of in vivo heat shock protein concentration in cattle breeds as a potential indicator of meat tenderness
Presenter(s): Caitlyn Mullins
Advisor(s):  Henry Zerby
Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences
Anthony Parker

Effect of time of day of vaccination in horses on pro-inflammatory cytokine gene expression
Presenter(s): Gabrielle Ruble
Advisor(s):  Kimberly Cole
John Mark Reddish

Influence of time of day of vaccination on immune response in mature Quarter Horse mares
Presenter(s): Desiree Seeloff
Advisor(s):  Kimberly Cole

Extended care for piglets
Presenter(s): Laura Whalin
Advisor(s):  Steven Moeller


Synovial fluid parameters from osteoarthritic equine joints treated with intra-articular equine dental stem cells or control solution
Presenter(s): Rosalind Kopp
Advisor(s):  Alicia Bertone
Veterinary Medicine
Pasha Lyvers-Peffer

Regulation of vesicular nucleotide transporter (VNUT) in pancreatic β cells
Presenter(s): Esther Lee
Advisor(s):  Chien Li
Pasha Lyvers Peffer