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Summer Course Spotlight: Contemporary Animal Use Issues

April 26, 2024

Discover new and important issues and explore ways to solve them in Animal Sciences 4597. Led by Dr. Callan Lichtenwalter, this online course is intended to promote an understanding of the historical, biological, philosophical, environmental, and economic issues surrounding the use of animals to meet human needs. In this course, you will have the opportunity to interact with people of diverse backgrounds, interests, and experiences for a common focus on the issue of using animals to meet human needs. You will improve your abilities to deal objectively with controversial issues, and to express viewpoints persuasively both verbally and in writing.

What you'll leave with:

1.    An understanding of the difference between animal welfare and animal rights

2.    An appreciation for various philosophies related to use of animals by humans

4.    An explanation of how humans manage wildlife populations

5.    The ability to discuss human religious and cultural differences related to use of animals

7.    Critical evaluation skills on various sources of information

8.    Expository writing practice via case studies due in the class

9.    Critical thinking through written and oral expression by participating in class discussions

Interested in 4597? Connect with Callan, or explore the course here.