1. Meat Science Program and Meat Judging Team Hold a Meat Judging Clinic

    Sep 28, 2017

    The meat science section in the Department of Animal Sciences opened its doors on September 28th to other university meat judging teams on their way to their first Collegiate Meat Judging Contest (Eastern) in Wyalusing, PA. Dr. Lyda Garcia and the 2017 Meat Judging Team gathered on September 27th to fabricate beef, pork, and lamb carcasses and set up classes to use for their guests.

  2. Dr. Sheila Jacobi's Research Impacts Animal and Human Nutrition

    Sep 27, 2017

    Dr. Sheila Jacobi’s research in swine nutrition has long-term impacts for the swine industry, as well as human nutrition. Her research on gut health in piglets can have similar results for nutritional interventions for babies.

  3. Dr. Lyda Garcia Brings Passion for Meat Science & Agriculture to the Department

    Sep 25, 2017

    Dr. Lyda Garcia’s enthusiasm for education and meat science makes an important contribution to the uniqueness of the Department of Animal Sciences. Through her background in livestock production, meat industry internships, graduate school training and research, and her international work, she seeks to bring monetary and product value to the meat industry, producers, and consumers.

  4. Eight Department of Animal Sciences Undergraduates Participate in Fall Undergraduate Research Forum

    Sep 19, 2017

    Seven Department of Animals Sciences majors and one minor participated in the Fall Undergraduate Research Forum on Thursday, September 14, 2017. All eight had projects supervised by faculty in the Department. The Department had representation in each of the three sessions; each session had approximately 100 participants. Presented by Office of the Undergraduate Research and Creative Inquiry and the University Libraries, the Fall Undergraduate Research Forum is a stepping stone to larger venues such as the Denman Undergraduate Research Forum.

  5. Animal Handling Course Allows Hands-On Introduction to Animal Behavior

    Sep 18, 2017

    The changing nature of the Department of Animal Sciences student demographics meant fewer students were coming from an agricultural background. Even those who had agricultural exposure tended to have experience with only a limited set of animals. Gone were the days of the small family farm with a variety of animals to meet all of the family’s dietary needs. In 2016, the Animal Sciences faculty decided to address the needs of their changing student population by requiring all Animal Sciences students, starting in autumn 2017, take ANIMSCI 2000 Animal Handling.

  6. Dr. Chanhee Lee uses Animal Science to Lessen Farming Environmental Impacts

    Aug 9, 2017

    Dr. Chanhee “Chan” Lee is using the study of animal science to lessen farming environmental impacts. His research focuses on improving nutrient utilization efficiency to improve production and lower nutrient excretion.

  7. Ohio State Meat Laboratory Processes Ohio State Fair Champion Lambs

    Jul 31, 2017

    Last week, The Ohio State University Meat Laboratory harvested and processed the Ohio State Fair Champion and Reserve Champion lambs for each of the Junior Fair breed winners. The Open Class Champion and Reserve Champion were also harvested and processed. Once the animal carcasses were processed, Department of Animal Sciences’ faculty members Dr. Steve Moeller and Dr. Lyda Garcia evaluated the carcasses based on lean quantity and quality following U.S.

  8. Summer 2017 OSU Dairy Judging Newsletter is Now Available

    Jul 26, 2017

    The OSU Dairy Judging News is now available. You can read more about the Dairy Judging Team's spring and summer activities here.




  9. Background Has Prepared Hank LeVan for Livestock Evaluation and Judging Positions

    Jul 24, 2017

    The Ohio State University Livestock Evaluation Leader and Livestock Judging Coach, Hank LeVan, understands the importance of the Livestock Judging Team to Ohio State. However, his background and experience have prepared him for continuing the team’s long-standing tradition of success.

  10. Department of Animal Sciences Important to the Development of Ohio Wagyu Beef

    Jul 21, 2017

    This week, a newly formed Ohio-based company had two animals harvested and processed in The Ohio State University Meat Laboratory for photographs of meat cuts conforming to the Institutional Meat Purchase Specifications (IMPS). The IMPS is the standard used by hotels, restaurants, and other food service distributors when purchasing meat cuts. The work was being conducted by Ron Cramer, Manager of the Meat Laboratory, and Dr. Lyda Garcia, an Assistant Professor and Meat Scientist in the Department of Animal Sciences.