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Animal Sciences Students Win Awards at Denman Research Forum

Three Animal Sciences seniors were selected for awards at the 24th Annual Denman Undergraduate Research Forum, held on February 20th, 2019. Heather Pechtl placed second and Alyson Linton placed third in the Conservation and Development category. Megan Whalin's video submission was selected as one of the four Outstanding Video Submissions. The Denman Undergraduate Research Forum showcases the very best research and creative activities of Ohio State undergraduates; participation is limited to just over 200 seniors graduating during the calendar year. Students submit their projects and must be selected for participation. You can read more about each participant below.

Heather Pechtl Click to enlarge poster Heather Pechtl is a senior from Mundelein, Illinois specializing in Animal Biosciences with a minor in Psychology. Her research project, supervised by Dr. Chanhee Lee, studied a ruminant feed additive that seeks to reduce methane emissions. Heather had previously presented this project at the Autumn Undergraduate Research Forum. She plans to pursue a PhD in animal welfare and behavior.
Alyson Linton Click to enlarge poster Alyson Linton is a senior from Eastpointe, Michigan specializing in Animal Biosciences. Her research project, supervised by Drs. Daniel Clark, Sandra Velleman and Sheila Jacobi, examined how supplementation of polyunsaturated fatty acids affects satellite cell development and therefore impacts muscle growth/development. Alyson hopes to work for a government or reseach organization.
Megan Whalin Megan Whalin is a senior from Stockport, Ohio specializing in Animal Biosciences. Her research project, supervised by Dr. Alejandro Relling, investigated the effect of docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) supplementation on fetal brain and liver, and adult brain fatty acid profile after PUFA supplementation, and their effect on cognitive behavior for these animals.  Megan plans to attend veterinary school.