Kady Davis Wins Inaugural Ohio Farm Bureau Scholarship

Second-year Animal Sciences student Kady Davis is the first recipient of the Kenny Walter Scholarship presented by the Ohio Farm Bureau. Davis, from Carrollton, OH, has a family legacy in the agricultural industry.

“I chose my major (Animal Sciences) because of the deep impact that the agricultural industry has had on myself and my family. I live on a beef cattle cow/calf operation where we have about 50 head of cattle. I personally have been very involved in the showing side of the industry by exhibiting cattle, pigs, and chickens at various places. My entire family has been, and currently is, very involved in the industry as a whole,” said Davis. Davis had the 2016 Grand Champion Meat Chickens at the Ohio State Fair.

While at Ohio State, Davis has been active in Saddle and Sirloin Club, Sigma Alpha Professional Agricultural Sorority and the Running Club. She is also involved with the Animal Sciences Community Alliance. “We help facilitate Cristo Rey High School's science club, a school right here in Columbus. The activities we are planning to do with the students include interactive and hands on animal science lessons to give them a perspective of the variety of sciences that are available to them after high school,” said Davis. While Davis is unsure of her plans after graduation, she is interested in a career in animal genetics or nutrition.

Davis first learned about the Kenny Walter Scholarship through the Carroll Country Farm Bureau newsletter. To learn more about the scholarship, go to https://ofbf.org/kenny-walter-scholarship-fund/.