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Student Participants and Visitors Enjoy the Processed Meats Product Show

The Processed Meats (MEATSCI 4510) class presented its final products to visitors who wanted to taste and judge the students' creations. Individuals or teams produced a variety of meat products, including proper labeling, a Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) safety plan, and a marketing and advertising plan. The course was taught by Dr. Macdonald Wick, associate professor. According to Jake Parkinson, an animal sciences major with a meat science minor from Newark, Ohio, “I think that the most rewarding part of the show was the questions that we were asked and the interaction between people trying the product and my peers and I. A wide range of people showed up to try the products, from meat and food science professors to lay people who have no experience with processed meats, so being able to address both simple questions and provide more in depth responses was rewarding.”

Also on display wBen Applegate, Kaitlyn Wiley, Jake Parkinson and Paige McAtee discuss their projectere other products produced by the class throughout the year, such as various types of ham, bacon, prosciutto, and coppa. Students practiced their final products at least once before the presentation. “MEATSCI 4510 gave me an opportunity to learn more about a very popular and important component of the meat industry - processed meats. I enjoyed learning about all the different steps a processor must take in order make a processed meat product as well as the chemistry behind what makes the product truly 'processed,’” said Morgan Foster, an animal sciences major with a meat science minor from Gallipolis, Ohio.

"Jerky Boys" Hailey Shoemaker, Zachary Sperling and Tyler ZimmermanDr. John Foltz discusses pot roast with Morgan Foster, Bailie Corbin and Tony Testa