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Alum Continues to be Valuable Resource to Faculty Member

For several year, Professor Jim Kinder has invited Larry Piergallini, '77 BS in Animal Science, to speak to his classes. Dr. Kinder shared the following as to why he continues to invite Mr. Piergallini to his classes:

Larry Piergallini is a former student and judging team member with which I worked at Ohio State in the mid-1970s. He and his wife, Carolyn, have become friends during the 40+ years since he was a student and judging team member. He is a highly successful lawyer representing land owners in the eastern Ohio sector where there has been a significant development in the fracking business. He also frequently represents troubled youth and those who might not otherwise have the capacity to procure legal assistance in cases that he perceives individuals have been treated unfairly or that were simply victims of unfortunate circumstances – because he thinks it is the right thing to do. He has developed a very strong reputation among the legal hierarchy in eastern Ohio for his moral and legal standards and is often called on by judges in the court system for consultation. As a result of his reputation, he is a member of the Board of Directors for a local bank and while I was at Ohio State ATI, a member of the External Advisory Committee.

As a hobby, Larry farms – it is his passion some of which revolves around his hobby – showing Belgian horses which he has done pretty well from a financial perspective avoiding the glamour aspects of this endeavor. Even though I state this, he has an elderly Belgian stud that he has been offered, based on my recollection about $50,000 that he has yet to part with. He serves on the Board of Directors from the national Belgian Horse Association primarily providing consultation for the legal and financial realms – in listening to him there has been significant advances as a result of his inputs.

Larry is one of the most humorous people I have ever known. Denva and I frequently have dinner with he and Carolyn and it is always a treat to do so because of the stories we hear of which I am sure are highly repetitive for Carolyn but she always seems to enjoy our times together. Larry is also a very good writer – expect that goes without saying considering his success as a lawyer – as evidenced in the two attachments that as indicated in his following message were published in the Draft Horse Journal. The messages  are humorous in many ways but with both articles there is a strong underlying message. I have invited Larry during my many years of affiliation at Ohio State to engage with our students and he is scheduled to meet with the AS3500 (Professionalism and Networking in the Animal Sciences) class next week. The title of his presentation is: Opportunities with a Law Degree in Agriculture and Thumb Rules for Avoiding Legal Pitfalls in Career Endeavors, and Unethical Actions that are Detriments to Career Success. He sent me the two attached articles to share with students in preparation for his presentation next week. 

Oh yes, I expect the artwork around these two articles (found here and here) was done by Larry, because at one time early in life he considered a career in art. It has been a true highlight in my trek down life’s pathway to have Larry as a friend and colleague. Hope you enjoy the reading of these two articles – I certainly did even though I have heard the verbal versions several times during my time with Larry.

1976 Livestock Judging Team in 2016The college’s 1976 General Livestock Judging Team was recognized at the 2016 North American International Livestock Exposition in Kentucky. The event honors the National Championship Team 40 years prior.

The 1976 team, coached by Jim Kinder, former director of Ohio State ATI, were represented by ten of the original 12 members and assistant coach Dave Higbea. In the picture, team members are: back row, left to right: Larry Piergallini, Dillonvale, Ohio; John Day, Georgetown, Kentucky; Dave Faulkner, St. Paris, Ohio; Farabee McCarthy, Sycamore, Ohio; Joy McCarthy, Sycamore, Ohio; and assistant coach Dave Higbea, Clay Center, Nebraska. In the front row, left to right: Lacy Boney, Lore City, Ohio; Mike Taylor, Springfield, Ohio; Tim Subler, Versailles, Ohio; Don Verhoff, Ottawa, Ohio; and George Clayton, Quincy, Ohio. The two team members that did not attend the recognition event are: Jeff Harding, Gallion, Ohio; and Steve Stitzlen, Grove City, Ohio.