Animal Sciences to Receive Two Interns from Zamorano Internship Program

Five Zamorano University students have been selected for the Columbus-campus, pilot program of The Ohio State University (OSU) College of Food, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences (CFAES) Internship Program. The program expands upon the international internship model with Zamorano University, located in Honduras, that has already been applied on the Wooster campus.  The goal of this program is to expand and diversify the pool of potential graduate students by supporting internships from Zamorano in CFAES.

The selection process included: requesting internship descriptions from interested faculty advisors from five departments; sending these to Zamorano; receiving ten potential candidates for these slots from Zamorano; holding interviews with each of the candidates and the potential CFAES faculty advisors; and then final selections being made. The internship program will support five Zamorano students in their final year on short-term (3-4 month) internship programs at Ohio State.  This initial engagement would provide the base for eventually expanding the program to longer term internships with Zamorano students who have already graduated.

It is expected that Zamorano students completing their internship programs at Ohio State would then be in a strong position to enter a CFAES graduate degree program and contribute to a diversified pool of graduate students.  Past CFAES experience with interns from Zamorano indicate that this is a realistic expectation.  During the past 14 years, 64 Zamorano students came to Ohio State on research internships; 47 (74%) entered graduate programs; of those 47 entering graduate programs, 26 (55%) entered graduate programs at Ohio State.

The Department of Animal Sciences will receive two of the interns in January 2020. Assistant Professors Dr. Lyda Garcia and Dr. Alvaro Garcia-Guerra will serve as faculty advisors to the interns. Dr. Garcia-Guerra's internship program will focus on cattle reproduction; Dr. Garcia's will focus on meat science.

According to the University of Zamarano website, "Zamorano is an international university that offers young people from different countries and backgrounds the opportunity to become professionals - leaders - with skills and values, capable of transforming companies and organizations that respond to current challenges in Latin America and the world. Challenges such as conservation of natural resources, rural transformation and development of internationally competitive agricultural and agro-industries in Latin America and the world."