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Swine Facility Update

The Swine Center welcomed a new Farm Manager, Gracee Workman, over the summer. Workman joins Herd Manager Larry Warnock.

"At the barn we are working on several improvements to improve our facilities for the pigs, employees and the students," said Workman. "My goal is to do as much as I can for the faculty, to have what they need, and for the students to get the best hands-on learning experience that they can achieve."

WorkmaDr. Sheila Jacobi (left) with a student.n is looking forward to working with the faculty she sees on a regular basis and to reaching out to others who may want to use the facility. She already sees Animal Sciences faculty Dr. Steve Moeller, professor, and Dr. Sheila Jacobi, assistant professor, frequently. "Steve does a lot of great swine education and Extension with the students and community; Sheila is very active with students and research."

Faculty from the College of Veterinary Medicine can also be found utilizing The Swine Center. Workman has already worked with Dr. Andrew Bowman, associate professor, but looks forward to working with others as well. "Andrew Bowman brings out the 4th-year veterinary students; this gives them a great opportunity for hand-on experience for their careers."

Workman welcomes contact about The Swine Center. She can be reached at