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Meat Science Rising

The Department of Animal Sciences meat science program has experienced some exciting changes in the last year or so. Three faculty members joined the program, one faculty member took on a new role, and the suite housing these folks was renovated, with new meat purchase options.

Dr. Michael Cressman (below left) joined the meat science faculty in 2014. Formerly a graduate student (MS, PhD) in the department, Dr. Cressman is now an assistant professor and a professional track faculty member. He teaches a number of classes, including Bar-B-Que Science and Food Animal Processing, as well as advises the Poultry Judging Team.

Dr. Lyda G. Garcia (above right) joined the faculty in February 2015 with primarily responsibilities in teaching and Extension. She received her associate degree of science from Clarendon College, bachelor’s degree in Animal Science from Texas Tech University, master’s degree from West Texas A&M University in Animal Science/Meat Science, and doctorate in Meat Science from Texas A&M University. Dr. Garcia is highly involved in presenting at workshops, clinics, and conferences on meat science, specifically targeting youth and livestock producers in the state of Ohio. Among Dr. Garcia’s teaching responsibilities are Introductory Meat Science, Food Animal Processing, and Processed Meats. She also is faculty advisor of the meat judging team.

Dr. Eric England instructs a student in his lab.Dr. Cressman demonstrates smoker preparation.

Dr. Eric England (right) joined the faculty in June 2015 as an assistant professor with responsibilities in research and teaching. He received his bachelor’s degree in Chemistry from Milligan College and doctorate degree in Animal and Poultry Sciences with an emphasis in Meat Science from Virginia Tech. Dr. England’s teaching responsibilities include Advanced Meat Science, Animal Research Methods, and Research Methods and Writing in Animal Sciences. His research program focuses on understanding the roles genetics, nutrition, postmortem energy metabolism, and processing practices impact muscle growth, fiber-type, composition, and meat quality.

Dr. Henry Zerby, professor, took on the role of chair of the Department of Animal Sciences in May 2014.

Drs. Cressman, Garcia, and England share suite 122 in the Animal Science Building with Dr. Kichoon Lee, associate professor, Ron Cramer, meat lab manager, and Tom Katen, lecturer. This summer, the suite was renovated with new flooring, ceiling, and paint. The meat sales is still based here, although Sandy Bentley, who oversees meat sales, has a new office in suite 110. A meat cooler now graces the entry of 122 with ready-to-eat products. Visit for a product list.