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Department Roundup: Department Roundup 2016 05 24

  1. Ohio State students brought home awards from the recent OARDC Annual Research Conference and Tri-State Dairy Nutrition Conference.

  2. The 2016 Tri-State Dairy Nutrition Conference was very successful with a record attendance of 550 and also a record number of 73 exhibitors.

  3. ANIM SCI 5000 students took a class project to the Ohio State community.

  4. The 2016 Little "I" (International) was held April 16 at the Beef, Swine, and Equine Centers in Columbus.

  5. The Ohio State University Meats Judging Team competed at the Southeastern meat judging contest co-hosted by The Ohio State University and the University of Kentucky April 8-9.

  6. A roundup of news featuring students, faculty, and alumni.

  7. Don't miss the next Gender Initiative Skill Workshop. Summer begins with annual events.

  8. Chen PR, Shin S, Choi YM, Kim E, Han JY, Lee K. 2016. Overexpression of G0/G1 switch gene 2 in adipose tissue of transgenic quail inhibits lipolysis associated with egg laying. International Journal of Molecular Sciences 17(3).

    Clark DL, Coy CS, Strasburg GM, Reed KM, Velleman SG. 2016. Temperature effect on proliferation and differentiation of satellite cells from turkeys with different growth rates (1). Poult Sci 95(4):934-47.

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