Department Roundup : Department Roundup 2015 07 06

Welcome to the Department of Animal Sciences newsletter. The newsletter is now known as the Department Roundup instead of the Monthly Roundup.

We will be moving to a more frequent format to communicate shorter bits of news as they happen. Send along your submissions, and they'll go in the next version.

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  1. A Good Day for a Party


  2. Spring Dean’s List


    Students completing a minimum of 12 graded credit hours with a GPA of 3.5 or higher for any given term will be named to the Dean's List for that term in the college in which they are enrolled. The following students majoring in animal sciences or meat science are on the Dean's List for Spring semester 2015.

    Tabitha Abshire
    Rachael Adams
    Jacob Aiello
    Katherine Alban
    Amy Albers
    Maria Albino*
    Kevin Allen
    Jared Ashworth
    Emily Augsburger
    Amanda Backus
    Meghan Barnett*
    Brendan Baugher
    Logan Bauman*
    Benjamin Betteridge
    Nicholas Black
    Matthew Blose
    Madison Bolin*
    Morgan Bond
    John Bouranis
    Ronnie Boyer
    Jennifer Braden*
    Amy Bradford
    Emma Bronder
    Albert Joey Brown
    Caroline Brown*
    Gabrielle Buehler
    Joy Byars*
    Katelyn Byers
    Braden Campbell
    Olivia Carros
    Lila Cart
    Brittany Clark
    Molly Cleveland*
    Brandon Colby
    Danielle Coleman*
    Erin Connell*
    Emilee Copple
    Kelsey Craig
    Chelsea Crosby
    Sejal Crouser
    Kaleb Curry*
    Kelsey Dake
    Melanie D-Angelo
    Hannah Dankert
    Lindsay Dasher
    Elizabeth Deprez
    Karlii diGrazia
    Regina Doss
    Brandon Dowling
    Julia Drube
    Audrey Duff
    Aubrey Elder
    Rebecca Elting
    Amy Engelbrecht
    Makiah Estes
    Michael Estock
    Angela Farone
    Wyatt Feldner
    Wendy Ferrigno
    Rachel Fladung
    Nicole Flaugher
    Wyatt Ford
    Shanah Frankel
    Katie Frost
    Caroline Galloway
    Clint Gasser*
    Haley Gray
    David Grim
    Mark Grivel
    Ashley Haley
    Erin Hamlin
    Sarah Harp*
    Ashley Hegidus
    Amanda Hess
    Bethany Hickman
    Sasha Higgins*
    Brittley Hill
    Bradley Hogshead
    Erin Homerosky
    Samantha Hough
    Kaitlan Hovis*
    Cory Howard*
    Heather Hugg
    Marissa Hunter
    Holden Hutchinson
    Ashley Ingram
    Brittany Janita
    Marisa Joldrichsen
    Antoinette Jones
    Sara Jones
    Natalia Jurcak
    Austin Karbler
    Lauren Keefer*
    Rebekah Keller
    Hillary Kelly
    Evan Kerr*
    Kathryn Kline*
    Sarah Klingshirn
    Michael Kolkmeier
    Kayla Konczos*
    Katelyn Kreke
    Kaylin Krueger
    Laura Kuo
    Madison Lambkin
    Karli Lane
    Aislinn Latham*
    Esther Lee
    Joonbum Lee*
    Rachel Leimbach
    Michelle LeMaster
    Chloe Leonard
    Ashley Lewis
    Erica Lewis
    Douglas Liebe
    Michael Loveless
    Jamie Majors
    Ashley Maleson*
    Alyssa Malinowski
    Ashlee Marand
    Alison Martin*
    Rachel Maurer
    Caitlyn McCaulley
    Kelly McCurry
    Michael McKinney*
    Emily Meese
    Kate Meizlish*
    Antoinette Metzler
    Molly Michael
    Jan Miedema
    Madeleine Moffatt
    Gabrielle Moots
    Dennis Logan Morris
    Caitlyn Mullins
    Katy Murfield
    Grant Neilley*
    Rachel Nelson
    Kayla Orso
    Kayla Oxendale*
    Emily Painter
    Sydney Palmer
    Rachel Park
    Samantha Parsons
    Kayla Picker
    Jennifer Pietsch
    Britanie Poole
    Anna Powell
    Samuel Preston*
    Marissa Radick
    Elizabeth Ramsuchit
    Melanie Repella
    McKinley Roll
    Audrey Rollins
    Lori Romie
    Julia Rose
    Timothy Roshetko
    John Rowe
    Gabrielle Ruble*
    Alexandra Russell
    Michelle Sahr
    Russell Sakacs
    Meghan Sanders *
    Jorge Santana
    Lindsay Schiavone
    Laura Schmuki*
    Marisa Schreiner*
    Andrew Schroeck
    Madeline Schwarz
    Melissa Shafer*
    Randi Shaw*
    Kaylee Shrock
    Leah Sheaffer
    Jared Shields
    Kaylee Shrock
    Brenna Simmons
    Christine Snowden
    Lauren Sommers
    Dana Sorter*
    Rachel Sperling
    Kristen Subler
    Lisa Sutton
    Marina Sweet
    Kayla Thomas
    Ocean Thompson
    John Townsend*
    Kim Tran
    Victoria Trbovich
    Lydia Ulry
    Jaime Uren*
    Abby Vennekotter
    Sarah Walker*
    Carter Wallinger
    Brittany Webb*
    Stephanie Wehmer
    Rachel Wermert
    Kristen Wetzel*
    Jarod Wood
    Rachel Woodfint*
    Jacquelyn Wymard*
    Anastasia Young
    Kendra Zelachowski*
    Shihan Zhang

    * Denotes 4.0

  3. Art Meets Meat

    How do art and agriculture relate? At Ohio State, that question is being considered under its Discovery Themes. Dr. Michael Mercil, Professor, Department of Art, is aligned with the Resilient, Sustainable and Global Food Security for Health, an area of inquiry through Ohio State’s Discovery Themes Initiative. And as an extension of this theme is his new May session seminar “Re-imagining Ohio Food Landscapes from Mound City to Bob Evans Farm” (Art 5890). As the class came to a close the first week of June, the students spent some time in the Department of Animal Sciences meat science laboratory with Dr. Lyda Garcia, assistant professor of meat science.

    The purpose of the course according to Dr. Mercil is to “become aware of and think deeply about the language, imagery and sense of place that food systems represent in a dramatically changing global environment.” (To learn more about the course, visit the Discovery Themes blog post “Pondering the Invisible Landscape of Food”.)

    Students, whose studies range from art to the environment and many topics in between, delved into the three aspects of the seminar’s focus as they toured the meat lab and posed questions to Dr. Garcia. Their inquiries covered topics as diverse as gender breakdown in the meat industry to hormones and antibiotics to ritual slaughter. In the course of the conversation, Dr. Garcia explained the safety and health priorities that govern all meat facilities, including those at Ohio State, and described other facets of meat production, including animal welfare, economics, terminology, nutrition, waste streams and usage, animal diets, ethics, traceability, and labeling—too many topics to cover in less than two hours. She welcomed all questions and encouraged her audience to seek answers to future questions from her and others who work in animal agriculture.

    If you haven't had a chance to meet Dr. Garcia, read more about her story at her link.

  4. JAM 2015

    The ADSA-ASAS Joint Annual Meeting runs July 12-16 in Orlando, Florida. Scope out your colleagues’ presentations in the Program.

    “Global animal health and nutrition leader Alltech will showcase 15 abstracts at the Joint Annual Meeting (JAM) of the American Dairy Science Association (ADSA) and the American Society of Animal Science (ASAS) in Orlando, Florida, from July 12-16.” Among these are:
    The effects of nitrate or live yeast culture on methane mitigation in a continuous culture system  C. Massie*, B. Wenner, A. Gehman, Z. Yu, K. Wrighton and J. Firkins

  5. News and Events


    The 2015 Ohio Sheep Day is scheduled for July 11, 2015 at Schoolhouse Shropshires in Xenia, Ohio. More information about registration, program topics, and contacts: click here.

    Read about alumna Emily Wright and her quest toward Olympic dressage (or access PDF here).

    Animal Sciences students and alumni as Select Sires Inc. summer Interns

  6. Recently Published

    Sakomura NK, Silva EP, Dorigam JCP, Gous RM, St-Pierre N. 2015. Modeling amino acid requirements of poultry. Journal of Applied Poultry Research 24(2):267-82.

  7. Personnel Updates


    Dr. Ron Kensinger, professor and former chair, retired June 30.

    Dr. Eric England, assistant professor, meat science, started July 1. His office will be 122D Animal Science building, Columbus, once renovations are complete later in July.

    Ms. Sarah Hancock, graduate program coordinator, started June 8. Her office is 110J Animal Science building, Coumbus.


  8. EngageOSU Now Available


    OSU Libraries Research Commons offers a new tool to "explore the breadth of research expertise that Ohio State has to offer". Search for faculty members on EngageOSU to see how it works. Click around to see its capabilities.