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Huff GR, Huff WE, Rath NC, Anthony NB, Nestor KE. 2015. Ascorbic acid differentially affects stress response and resistance to colibacillosis in turkeys from genetic lines differing in growth rate. Avian Dis 59(2):323-8.

Lilburn MS and Loeffler S. 2015. Early intestinal growth and development in poultry. Poult Sci 94(7):1569-76.

Grinberg IR, Yin G, Borovok I, Miller MEB, Yeoman CJ, Dassa B, Yu Z, Mizrahi I, Flint HJ, Bayer EA, and others. 2015. Functional phylotyping approach for assessing intraspecific diversity of ruminococcus albus within the rumen microbiome. FEMS Microbiol Lett 362(3).

Morrow M, Ottobre J, Ottobre A, Neville P, St-Pierre N, Dreschel N, Pate JL. 2015. Breed-dependent differences in the onset of fear-related avoidance behavior in puppies. Journal of Veterinary Behavior-Clinical Applications and Research 10(4):286-94.

Patra AK and Yu Z. 2015. Effects of garlic oil, nitrate, saponin and their combinations supplemented to different substrates on invitro fermentation, ruminal methanogenesis, and abundance and diversity of microbial populations. J Appl Microbiol 119(1):127-38.

St-Pierre NR and Weiss WP. 2015. Partitioning variation in nutrient composition data of common feeds and mixed diets on commercial dairy farms. J Dairy Sci 98(7):5004-15.

Weiss WP, Wyatt DJ, Kleinschmit DH, Socha MT. 2015. Effect of including canola meal and supplemental iodine in diets of dairy cows on short-term changes in iodine concentrations in milk. J Dairy Sci 98(7):4841-9.

Joint Annual Meeting ADSA-ASAS July 12-16, 2015, Orlando, Florida

Effect of overstocking at the feed bunk on indicators of cow temperament.
Danielle N. Coleman*, Maurice L. Eastridge, Jessica A. Pempek, and Kathryn L. Proudfoot

Effect of prepartum dam supplementation, creep-feeding and post-weaning diet on age at puberty in Nellore heifers. Marcos V. C. Ferraz Junior*, Delci D. Nepomuceno, Marcos V. Biehl, Alexandre V. Pires, Marcelo H. Santos, Renan G. Silva, Vinicius N. Gouvea, Jose R. S. Gonçalves, Thiago S. Andrade, and Michael L. Day

Effect of prepartum dam supplementation and creep-feeding on age at puberty in Nellore heifers.
Elizangela M. Moreira, Alexandre V. Pires, Delci D. Nepomuceno, Marcos V. C. Ferraz Junior*, Jose A. Faleiro Neto, Marcos V. Biehl, Jose R. S. Goncalves, Renan G. Silva, Marcelo H. Santos, Vinicius N. Gouvea, and Michael L. Day

Efficacy of PGF2α doses to induce luteolysis on day 5, 7, or 9 of estrus cycle in nonlactating Nellore cows.
Marcos V. Biehl*, Alexandre V. Pires, Marcos V. C. Ferraz Junior, Jose R. S. Gonçalves, Anibal B. Nascimento, Marcelo H. Santos, Vinicius N. Gouvea, Alexandre A. Miszura, Leandro H. Cruppe, and Michael L. Day

The effect of nitrate or live yeast culture on methane mitigation in a continuous culture system.
Caitlyn M. Massie*, Benjamin A. Wenner, Amanda M. Gehman, Zhongtang Yu, Kelly C. Wrighton, and Jeffrey L. Firkins

Effects of acetate, and propionate infusion and pH on VFA production.
Sandip Ghimire*, Benjamin A. Wenner, Richard A. Kohn, Jeffrey L. Firkins, and Mark D. Hanigan

Introduction. [Bioethics Symposium Effects of science, government, and the public in directing the future of animal agriculture]
Jessica Pempek, The Ohio State University.

Industry–university partnerships in research and graduate student training.
Michael L. Day

Effectiveness of treating subclinical ketosis in dairy cows.
Albert J. Brown*, Maurice L. Eastridge, Leon D. Weaver, and K. J. Chapman

The use of gene expression in milk fat as an indicator of trace mineral status in dairy cows.
M. J. Faulkner*, E. H. Wall, and W. P. Weiss

Effects of varying anthelmintic formulations on hindgut microflora in horses.
John Rowe*, Katelyn Barnhart, Elizabeth Share, John Mark Reddish, and Kimberly Cole

ADSA Production Division Graduate Student Poster Competition, PhD

Increased stocking density at the feed bunk may affect the welfare and productivity of dairy cows and growth of their heifer calves.
Jessica A. Pempek*, Maurice L. Eastridge, Kathryn L. Proudfoot, Gregory G. Habing, Lohendy M. Muñoz Vargas, and Danielle N. Coleman

Ellipsoid equation improves accuracy and efficiency of estimating protozoal volume.
Benjamin A. Wenner*, Brooklyn K. Wagner, and Jeffrey L. Firkins

Milk yield at dry-off and other factors affecting risk of intramammary infections at calving.
Paige N. Gott*, Päivi J. Rajala-Schultz, Gustavo M. Schuenemann, and Joseph S. Hogan

Effects of including virginiamycin in feedlot diets containing monensin under commercial conditions in Mexico.
Jorge R. Kawas, Rene Alvarado, Milton A. Gorocica-Buenfil*, and Francis L. Fluharty

Identification and removal of outliers in feed databases for beef cattle.
Huyen Tran*, William Weiss, Galen Erickson, and Phillip S. Miller

Soil contamination in forages: Estimation and geographical distribution.
J. R. Knapp*, W. P. Weiss, R. T. Ward, and K. R. Perryman

Trace mineral variation in dairy forages: Where are the hot spots?
J. R. Knapp*, W. P. Weiss, R. T. Ward, and K. R. Perryman

Variation in timed-AI pregnancy rates in beef sires.
Bo R. Harstine*, Rodrigo A. C. Martins, Adnan D. P. Rodrigues, Leandro H. Cruppe, Matthew D. Utt, Lon D. Peters, José L. M. Vasconcelos, Mel DeJarnette, and Michael L. Day

Global impact of improving feed efficiency and technology transfer efficacy.
Robin R. White*, Todd J. Applegate, Gary L. Cromwell, Donald C. Beitz, Michael L. Galyean, Mary Beth Hall6, Phil-lip S. Miller, Jack Odle, William P. Weiss, and Mark D. Hanigan

Comparison of delayed weaning and mineral form on lamb growth and parasitism.
Jefferson McCutcheon*, David Clevenger, Gary Lowe, and Francis Fluharty

The effect of temperature, pH, total solids and type of shape of goat manure for biogas production.
Bruno Biagioli*, Kleber T. Resende, Izabelle A. M. A. Teixeira, Normand St-Pierre, Carla J. Härter, and Márcia H. M. R. Fernandes

A meta-analysis of net protein and energy requirements for growth of dairy goats.
Anaiane Souza*, Normand St-Pierre, Marcia Fernandes, Amélia Almeida, Julián Vargas, and Izabelle Teixeira

Comparison of four beef production systems on carcass characteristics.
Jefferson McCutcheon*, Steven Moeller, Henry Zerby, and Francis Fluharty

University efforts to generate community support for a university farm. Joe Hogan*

Ellipsoid equation improves accuracy and efficiency of estimating protozoal volume.
Benjamin A. Wenner*, Brooklyn K. Wagner, and Jeffrey L. Firkins

Effect of passage rate and pH on microbial diversity and total methanogens in continuous culture.
Benjamin A. Wenner*, Jill A. Stiverson, Zhongtang Yu, and Jeffrey L. Firkins