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The Buckeye Meat Laboratory opened its doors to various Universities travelling through on their way to the National Eastern Meat Judging Contest held in Wylusing, PA on October 1 and 2. The National Eastern was hosted by Cargill Regional Beef. Teams traveling by car were invited to stop by to review beef, pork, and lamb carcasses, wholesale cuts, and specifications one last time before stepping into the meat judging contest. Teams were able to conduct pre-contest workouts under the invitation of Dr. Lyda G. Garcia, The Fightin’ Buckeye's Meat Judging Team’s Advisor. Guests of the Buckeye meat lab included University of Illinois, Iowa State University, Michigan State University, Penn State University, University of Nebraska, Kansas State University, and Tarleton State University.

The Big Ten Network must have smelled the smoke...they picked up recent publicity about the Barbecue Science class offered by the Department of Animal Sciences. "BTNLiveBIG: Buckeye students master the art and science of barbecue". Read the article on BTN.

Checkout Saddle & Sirloin's involvement at the 2015 Farm Science Review. Facebook

The 2015 Animal Welfare Judging/Assessment Contest sponsored by AVMA is coming to Ohio State November 14-15. Learn more.