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Data Show Faculty Profiles are Important

According to data collected by CFAES Communications folks, the most visited page on all department websites is the faculty profiles page. (And, the most searched for information in the CFAES is the list of departments.) Your profile is important!

You can develop an extensive faculty profile for visitors to learn about you and your research. One might assume these visitors are graduate students investigating potential advisors, people looking for expertise, undergrads learning about their professors, and so on.

No matter if you are a faculty member or staff member or graduate student, here is what you can add:

  • a short biography,
  • up to 3 links to any professional website related to you,
  • your appointment (% Research, Extension, and Teaching),
  • your degrees & credentials,
  • your research area(s) (in a few words each),
  • your Extension specialization(s) (in a few words each),
  • your interests & expertise (in a few words each),
  • links to your graduate students’ profiles,
  • uploaded documents,
  • “Works” (publications, etc.), listed or linked in from Research in View—books, chapters, conferences, journal articles, patents, presentations, and/or technical reports,
  • Courses taught (already linked—make sure your list is accurate!)

Send your information or edits to hendrick.17.

In addition, any news articles or events posted to the website are related to the pertinent people involved, thus, connecting you to your current events and happenings. Have you been part of a news article, interviewed for a newspaper, or had some other published recognition? Send those references along and they will become part of your activity list.

We will have a photo opportunity October 15 at the faculty/staff retreat in Wooster to get a new profile picture. Opportunities may also be coming to Columbus in the future.

Finally, if you want to keep up your own profile, that will soon be an option. You will need to go through some training to do this. Alternatively, keep sending updates to hendrick.17.