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Department of Animal Sciences


Recent Funding

Monique Pairis-Garcia: National Pork Board. Development of an interactive training app for timely and humane on-farm euthanasia in pre-weaned piglets.

Zhongtang Yu: Subaward – The Pennsylvania State University / USDA. Mitigation of methane and nitrous oxide emissions from ruminant livestock.

Sara Adamczak: Research Scholar Award for $1000 from the Ohio State Undergraduate Research Office. The research will take place in cooperation with the Columbus Zoo and with Dr. Kimberly Cole and Ms. Kelly George. Learn more.

Clint Gasser: Winner of a National Dairy Promotion and Research Board Scholarship for academic year 2015-2016. This scholarship program “annually awards up to 19 $1,500 scholarships to eligible undergraduate students (sophomore through senior) enrolled in college/university programs that emphasize dairy”.