Department Roundup : Department Roundup 2015 11 20

  1. Animal Science Hall of Fame Call for Nominations for 2016

    Call for Nominations
    Animal Science Hall of Fame

    The Animal Sciences Hall of Fame Committee is soliciting nominations for the ANIMAL SCIENCES HALL OF FAME. The award will be presented at the Animal Sciences Spring Awards Program.

    The following criteria need to be considered when making nominations:

    1. Nominees will be considered who were bona fide majors in the department at The Ohio State University and who graduated twenty (20) or more years ago.
    2. Nominees must have demonstrated superior skill and achieved success for themselves. Their major career activity must be in an area related to Animal Sciences.
    3. The nominee shall have practiced service to others. Such activity includes giving of time, energy and thoughtfulness to their profession, local, state or national efforts, and or support of their local community. A reasonable amount of participation in statewide or national affairs is desirable.
    4. Consideration of nominees in the areas of animal production, academia and allied industry will be used in selection.
    5. Faculty and staff who have retired from the Department of Animal Sciences at The Ohio State University are not eligible.

    The Hall of Fame Selection committee is soliciting nominations, with adequate justification, for the Animal Sciences Hall of Fame. The nomination should provide information on how the nominee excels in the listed award assessment criteria. The deadline for the nominations is January 20th. Please send nominations by e-mail ( or mail to (Steve Boyles, Department of Animal Sciences, Plumb Hall, 2027 Coffey Rd., Columbus, Ohio 43210-1094). Nominations will be forwarded to the selection committee.

  2. 2016 CFAES Alumni Awards

    Meritorious Service Award

    • Wesley Budke, PhD Agricultural Education
    • Ken Cochran, BS Horticulture

    Distinguished Alumni Award

    • James Beard, BS Agronomy
    • Ian Blount, BS Agribusiness and Applied Economics, MS Agricultural Education
    • B. Stevens Buckalew, MS Agricultual Economics
    • John Douglass, BS Dairy Science
    • Jack Elliot, PhD Agricultural Education
    • Richard Gast, MS and PhD Poultry Science
    • Karl Kisner, BS Agronomy
    • Larry Lokai, BS and MS Agricultural Education
    • John Simpson, BS Animal Science
    • Linda Vance, BS Animal Science

    International Alumni Award

    • Godfrey Asea, PhD Horitulture and Crop Science
    • Milton Gorocica, MS and PhD Animal, Dairy & Poultry Science

    Young Professional Achievement Award

    • Carolina Azcarate Espinosa, MS Food Science and Nutrition
    • Chad Endsley, BS Agribusiness and Applied Economics
    • John Foltz, BS Forestry, Fisheries & Wildlife
    • Andrea Garmyn, BS Animal, Dairy & Poultry Science
    • Ryan Saxe, AS Horse Science

    Go to College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences alumni site.

    Alumni Awards Luncheon 2016 photos

  3. Ohio State Hosts Welfare Contest

    Welfare Judging Team

    The 2015 Intercollegiate Welfare Judging/Assessment Contest was held November 14 and 15 at The Ohio State University. Undergraduate students Allison Meek (Animal Sciences), Jennifer Frost (Animal Sciences), Rachel Park (Psychology), Hannah Slykerman (Animal Sciences), Bradley Hogshead (Animal Sciences), and Nicole Danszczak (Animal Sciences) competed.

    An Ohio State three-person undergraduate team, co-coached by Caitlyn Mullins and Allison Pullin, placed 3rd overall, while Brad Hogshead received 4th place overall for individuals. The team was composed of Rachel Park, Hannah Slykerman, and Bradley Hogshead (left to right in photo below).

    The Ohio State veterinary student team received 1st place and was coached by Animal Sciences alumna Dr. Jessica Pempek.

    The contest took place at the Ohio Union on The Ohio State University campus. Species covered in the 2015 contest included urban vs. rural heavy pulling draft horses, llamas, Asian elephants, and Jersey dairy heifers (live assessment at the Waterman Dairy Unit).

    Mission of the contest: "The Animal Welfare Judging and Assessment Contest (AWJAC) aims to provide a unique educational experience while strengthening student vocabulary and reasoning skills. The AWJAC teaches students to assess the welfare of animals in a variety of settings using science-based methods and reasoning. Students are given the opportunity to weigh evidence and present sound evaluations. This contest ensures that tomorrow's leaders in the animal industries develop strong communication skills and acquire enhanced knowledge of animal welfare."

    The contest was sponsored by the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), Student AVMA, Animal Welfare and Behavior Group (ABWG), and Ohio Poultry Association.

    The 2016 event is scheduled to occur at The Ohio State University and will likely focus on guinea pigs, breeding dogs, and sheep, and the live on-farm assessment will cover poultry.


  4. Dairy Judging and Club News

    The Buckeye Dairy Club entry was selected for the cover photo of the upcoming Holstein World publication. The team earned this honor through a contest with a theme of Agriculture Advocacy, i.e., the role agriculture advocacy plays in educating consumers about the passion for the dairy industry.

    On November 8, the dairy judging team placed 8th in reasons and 8th overall at the North American Dairy Judging Contest.  Congratulations to Cody Jodrey for earning 1st place in Ayrshires.  The team was second in that breed and then 4th in Brown Swiss. Team members included Cody Jodrey, Corey Jodrey, Louis Liming, and Lori Romie.

  5. Recent Funding

    Monique Pairis-Garcia: National Pork Board. Development of an interactive training app for timely and humane on-farm euthanasia in pre-weaned piglets.

    Zhongtang Yu: Subaward – The Pennsylvania State University / USDA. Mitigation of methane and nitrous oxide emissions from ruminant livestock.

    Sara Adamczak: Research Scholar Award for $1000 from the Ohio State Undergraduate Research Office. The research will take place in cooperation with the Columbus Zoo and with Dr. Kimberly Cole and Ms. Kelly George. Learn more.

    Clint Gasser: Winner of a National Dairy Promotion and Research Board Scholarship for academic year 2015-2016. This scholarship program “annually awards up to 19 $1,500 scholarships to eligible undergraduate students (sophomore through senior) enrolled in college/university programs that emphasize dairy”.

  6. Proposal Writing Resources

    NIFA Centers of Excellence

    If you submitted USDA NIFA grants this year, you probably remember the Centers of Excellence designation: “…in fiscal years 2015 and 2016, NIFA allows eligible applicants to request consideration for Centers of Excellence (COE) designation as part of their grant applications. Requests for applications describe the criteria applicants must meet.”

    A little more information is now available to help you work through this designation in upcoming proposals.

    NIFA COE page:

    Of particular note are the Webinars now available for review. You can watch the entire webinar or read the transcript at links from the site.

    Research Development & Grant Writing News (OSU login required)

    Topics this month include:

    • Win Your Grant on Page 1
    • NSF's New Public Access Plan
    • The Proposal Editor's Checklist
    • Partnerships for Enhanced Engagement in Research
    • Proposals for Basic Research: Why You Need a Theoretical Framework
    • Agency News, Reports, and New Funding Opportunities, etc.

    Public Access of Publications and Scientific Data

    This topic will become more popular with the new year as more policies are scheduled to go into effect (see article above about NSF's plan). This is all part of a federal public access initiative that started with a memo in 2013 to all federal funding agencies. If you are awarded a grant, you will need to make sure your project is in compliance per the agency's directions. However, even at the proposal stage, you should be aware of the requirements, as they may need some budgeted funds to implement. We'll visit this topic more in the future. In the mean time, bring yourself up to speed by visiting OSU's Research Commons blog post for a summary page about the different agencies.

    USDA is holding "Listening Sessions on Public Access to Scholarly Publications and Digital Scientific Data" November 23 and December 4. Click here to link to more information (pdf). Also see the fact sheet (pdf) for additional information.

    Proposal Success Rates across Agencies

    Federal agencies report on number of proposals received and number of proposals funded across their funding areas. A spreadsheet posted on Buckeye Box (see below) summarizes these statistics or directs to links to the information for USDA, NSF, and NIH. This information can be useful as you consider where to submit your research ideas for funding.

    File = Funding_Summary: Buckeye Box >> Animal Science Employee Internal Resources >> Pre-award Resources

    You are Not Alone!

    If you have a question about being a faculty or staff member at The Ohio State Unversity, chances are the university has someone to help you. The privilege of working at a large university like Ohio State comes with numerous resources, which means you never have to feel alone. In the grant-writing arena, a list of some of these resources is taking shape on the department website: Proposal Development Resources. Feel free to offer suggestions.

    As far as your other questions, just ask around. You may be surprised.

  7. Recently Published / Presented

    Orton Hall

    A Novel Mechanism of Myostatin Regulation by Its Alternative Splicing Variant during Myogenesis in Avian Species.
    Sangsu Shin, Yan Song, Jinsoo Ahn, Eunsoo Kim, Paula Chen, Shujin Yang, Yeunsu Suh, Kichoon Lee
    American Journal of Physiology - Cell Physiology Published 9 September 2015 Vol. no. , DOI: 10.1152/ajpcell.00187.2015

    An image from this recent paper by Dr. Kichoon Lee and lab was chosen as the “Image of the week” on social media.
    The paper was also selected as a Call for Papers in the American Journal of Physiology-Cell Physiology and will be included in a unique online article collection, further highlighting this important topic:  “The APS Journals have developed a variety of collections for the convenience of the readers. There are various criteria for collections, e.g., according to subjects or keywords. Many collections are the result of special selections by the Editor or by a select committee, and as such offer a highly focused view of a particular discipline or specialty.”

    Caetano-Anolles K, Seo M, Rodriguez-Zas S, Oh J, Han JY, Lee K, Park TS, Shin S, Jiao ZJ, Ghosh M, and others. 2015. Comprehensive identification of sexual dimorphism-associated differentially expressed genes in two-way factorial designed RNA-seq data on japanese quail (coturnix coturnix japonica). Plos One 10(9):e0139324.

    Hong J, Kim D, Cho K, Sa S, Choi S, Kim Y, Park J, Schmidt GS, Davis ME, Chung H. 2015. Effects of genetic variants for the swine FABP3, HMGA1, MC4R, IGF2, and FABP4 genes on fatty acid composition. Meat Sci 110:46-51.

    Li Y, Abraham C, Nelson MC, Chen P, Graf J, Yu Z. 2015. Effect of organic loading on the microbiota in a temperature-phased anaerobic digestion (TPAD) system co-digesting dairy manure and waste whey. Appl Microbiol Biotechnol 99(20):8777-92.

    Wang JK, He B, Du W, Luo Y, Yu Z, Liu JX. 2015. Yeast with surface displayed xylanase as a new dual purpose delivery vehicle of xylanase and yeast. Anim Feed Sci Technol 208:44-52.

    Zhang J, Suh Y, Choi YM, Chen PR, Davis ME, Lee K. 2015. Differential expression of cell cycle regulators during hyperplastic and hypertrophic growth of broiler subcutaneous adipose tissue. Lipids 50(10):965-76.