Department Roundup : Department Roundup 2016 04 11

  1. Animal Sciences Evening of Excellence

    The Animal Sciences annual recognition event, the Evening of Excellence, was a grand success for 2016. The event was held at the Nationwide & Ohio Farm Bureau 4-H Center on April 2. Bonnie Ayars led the Team Recognition program, with coaches and advisors introducing their teams, while Joe Ottobre filled in at the last moment to lead the Awards of Excellence program, as the student MC scheduled had to drop out due to illness (thanks, Joe).

    The evening began with the Recognition of Teams. Representatives from each team spoke about the 2015 students who were a part of each team. The list included Academic Quadrathlon, Animal Welfare Judging, Dairy Challenge, Horse Judging, Poultry Judging, Dairy Judging, Livestock Judging, and Meat Judging. In addition, several "anniversary" teams were honored, including 10-, 25-, and 50-year dairy, livestock, and meat judging teams.

    A social followed the recognition of teams and included a buffet dinner, with meat dishes prepared by the Ohio State Meat Shoppe, and a live auction.

    Rounding out the night was the Awards of Excellence program. Highlights included scholarship, undergraduate research, and ASAS recognition. Individual awards went to Clint Gasser (Dr. George R. Johnson Award for Senior with the highest grade point average), Holden Hutchinson (Waldock Brothers Award for a combination of scholarship, leadership, and service), and Matthew Faulkner (L.E. Kunkle Award for the outstanding graduate student in Animal Sciences).

    The Animal Science Hall of Fame induction ceremony honored Terry Wehrcamp, while the Dairy Science Hall of Service induction ceremony honored Scott Higgins and Normand St-Pierre. Click on a name to see more about these awards.

    For more photos from the event, click here.

  2. OSU Denman Undergraduate Research Forum Results

    Undergraduate research was the focus of another recent event at Ohio State. The Richard J. and Martha D. Denman Undergraduate Research Forum was held March 30. Eighteen animal sciences students presented their research posters. The following awards were given:

    1. Rachel Woodfint (Advisor: Kichoon Lee): Identification of Mucin 2 as a strong promoter for gut-specific genes
    3. Jared Ashworth (Advisor: Jeffrey Firkins): Mitigation of methane in dairy cows by nitrate feed and yea-sacc supplementation
    Honorable Mention. Clint Gasser (Advisor: Jeffrey Firkins): The effects of the interaction between nitrate and protozoa on methane production in continuous culture fermenters
    Honorable Mention. Rachel Park (Advisor: Monique Pairis-Garcia, Magnus Campler): Impact of sow lameness on piglet weight and mortality
    Honorable Mention: Ju Yeon (Jennifer) Park (Advisor: Kichoon Lee): Generation of knockout quail using the CRISPR-Cas9 system

    2. John Rowe (Advisor: Prosper Boyaka): Role of intestinal epithelial cells NF-kB in host response to ingestion of low doses of cadmium

    Visit news story here for photos.

    Visit the Denman web pages for a full list of presenters and abstracts.

  3. CFAES Undergraduate Research Forum Results

    The College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences Undergraduate Research Forum was held Thursday, February 18. Congratulations to the following animal sciences students who placed first or second in three categories of poster presentations.

    1 – Rachael Adams (Advisor: Thomas Wittum). Extended-spectrum cephalosporin, carbapenem, and fluoroquinolone resistant coliform bacteria from two large equine referral hospitals.
    2 – John Rowe (Advisor: Prosper Boyaka). Role of intestinal epithelial cells NF-kB in host response to ingestion of low doses of cadmium

    1 – Jared Ashworth (Advisor: Jeff Firkins). Mitigation of Methane in Dairy Cows by Nitrate Feed and Yea-Sacc Supplementation
    2 – Rachel Woodfint (Advisor: Kichoon Lee). Identification of Mucin 2 as a Strong Promoter for Gut-Specific Genes

    1 – Sara Adamczak (Advisor: Kimberly Cole). Educational Value of Human-Animal Interactions

    For a full list of presenters and links to abstracts, visit the 2016 CFAES Undergraduate Research Forum web pages.

  4. Event Wrap-up: Alumni Awards and Fechheimer Lecture

    CFAES Alumni Awards

    The College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences held its 2016 Alumni Awards Luncheon in March. The recipients are listed below. Photos of the event can be found in the awards gallery.

    Meritorious Service Award

    • Wesley Budke, PhD Agricultural Education
    • Ken Cochran, BS Horticulture

    Distinguished Alumni Award

    • James Beard, BS Agronomy
    • Ian Blount, BS Agribusiness and Applied Economics, MS Agricultural Education
    • B. Stevens Buckalew, MS Agricultual Economics
    • John Douglass, BS Dairy Science
    • Jack Elliot, PhD Agricultural Education
    • Richard Gast, MS and PhD Poultry Science
    • Karl Kisner, BS Agronomy
    • Larry Lokai, BS and MS Agricultural Education
    • Linda Vance, BS Animal Science

    International Alumni Award

    • Godfrey Asea, PhD Horitulture and Crop Science
    • Milton Gorocica, MS and PhD Animal, Dairy & Poultry Science

    Young Professional Achievement Award

    • Carolina Azcarate Espinosa, MS Food Science and Nutrition
    • Chad Endsley, BS Agribusiness and Applied Economics
    • John Foltz, BS Forestry, Fisheries & Wildlife
    • Andrea Garmyn, BS Animal, Dairy & Poultry Science
    • Ryan Saxe, AS Horse Science
    Fechheimer Lecture Series

    The 2016 Fechheimer Lecture Series speaker was Dr. Heather Huson, the Robert & Anne Everett Professor of Dairy Cattle Genetics in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at Cornell University. Dr. Huson visited the Columbus and Wooster campuses March 3 and 4 and gave two general seminars and one student seminar.

  5. Recent Funding

    USDA NIFA AFRI: Post Doctoral Fellowship (#2015-03681). Dr. Daniel Clark, PI: “Effect of posthatch thermal stress and simultaneous nutrient restriction on mechanisms that regulate skeletal muscle growth in broilers”

    SEEDS: The OARDC Research Enhancement Competitive Grants Program grant recipients:

    Dr. Lisa Bielke, PI, SEED category: “Characterization of avian enteric inflammation models to further facilitate study of host-microbiome interactions”
    Dr. Sheila Jacobi, PI, SEED category: “Optimizing nutritional support to maintain gut barrier function in the developing neonate”
    Dr. Ramesh Selvaraj, Co-PI, SEED category: “Probiotic bacteria (E. coli Nissle 1917) to enhance the performance of broiler chickens and control colonization with Campylobacter”
    Dr. Macdonald Wick, PI, SEED category: “Impact of Frozen Storage on the Quality of Poultry Meat”

    Douglas Liebe, PI, Undergraduate category: “Effect of Varying Grain Diets on Fecal Shedding of Coliform Bacteria in Lactating Dairy Cows”

    Ohio Dairy Research Fund grant. Dr. Alejandro Relling, PI: “Association Between Metabolic Parameters and Reproduction in Lactating Dairy Cows”

    USPOULTRY Foundation recruiting grant. Dr. Michael Cressman, PI.

  6. In the News

    AMSA Southeastern Collegiate Meat Judging Contest
    Held April 8 and 9 at The Ohio State University and the University of Kentucky, respectively. Results linked.

    North American Intercollegiate Dairy Challenge
    Review photos (OSU photo at right) and comments.

    Buckeye Dairy News
    March 2016 issue available.

    Hirsch departs, Burkett now serving as OFBF president
    Ohio's Country Journal. Animal Sciences alumnus Cy Prettyman was elected treasurer of Ohio Farm Bureau Federation.

    Dairy Leaders of Tomorrow
    HolsteinWorld. Feat. Ohio State Buckeye Dairy Club, winning photo in annual competition gracing front cover of HolsteinWorld.

    Microbiomes and Their Role in Plant and Animal Health and Disease
    OARDC Annual Research Conference. Feat. Dr. Zhongtang Yu on panel.

    Lee and Orahood named organization directors for Ohio Farm Bureau
    Ohio's Country Journal. Feat. alumni Amanda Orahood and Melinda Lee.

    About CFAES: Improvements set for Waterman, Don Scott, Wooster
    OSU CFAES News.

    Presenting Our Photo Contest Winners!
    2016 Animal Science Monitor photo contest: 1st - Joey Brown, 2nd & 3rd - Kelsie Hinds.

    Beef 509 class helps producers think like packers
    Farm and Dairy: feat. John Grimes and animal sciences faculty members Henry Zerby, Steve Boyles.

    Wells promoted to OFBF director of digital communications
    Ohio's Country Journal: feat. Callie Wells, Ohio State animal sciences alumna.

    A gender shift in dairy science
    Progressive Dairyman, 24 Nov 2015. feat. Kelly Heckaman, OSU alumna

    Two to be inducted into Ag HOF
    Record Herald: feat. David B. Gerber and William B. Montgomery.

    UK Board Approves Four Honorary Degree Recipients for May Commencement
    UKNOW University of Kentucky News: feat. Dr. Herbert Ockerman.

    In memory: Dr. Burk A. Dehority
    ASAS Taking Stock: Dr. Dehority is an emeritus professor in Animal Sciences.

    Optimum vitamin nutrition is at the heart of profitable poultry production feat. Dr. Ramesh Selveraj.

  7. Upcoming Events

    Milk-A-Cow on the Oval, Buckeye Dairy Club. April 14, 2016.

    Little "I". Saturday, April 16, 2016.

    8th Annual Buckeye Bonanza Horse Sale Open House. April 16, 2016 - 10:00am.

    2016 Tri-State Dairy Nutrition Conference. April 18-20, 2016.

    OARDC Annual Research Conference. April 21, 2016.

    Ag-Lympics. April 22, 2016.

    Last Day of Classes Spring Semester. April 25, 2016.

    How to Solve Problems on Dairy Farms. April 25-29, 2016,

    Final Exams Spring Semester. April 27-May 3, 2016.

    Spring Commencement. Sunday, May 8, 22016.

    FACULTY MEETING. Friday, May 20, 2016. Wooster.

  8. Recently Published / Presented

    Editor's Choice:
    Clark DL, Coy CS, Strasburg GM, Reed KM, and Velleman SG. Temperature effect on proliferation and differentiation of satellite cells from turkeys with different growth rates. Poultry Science 95(4):934-947.

    Cobellis G, Trabalza-Marinucci M, Yu Z. 2016. Critical evaluation of essential oils as rumen modifiers in ruminant nutrition: A review. Sci Total Environ 545:556-68.

    England EM, Matarneh SK, Oliver EM, Apaoblaza A, Scheffler TL, Shi H, Gerrard DE. 2016. Excess glycogen does not resolve high ultimate pH of oxidative muscle. Meat Sci 114:95-102.

    Harding RL and Velleman SG. 2016. MicroRNA regulation of myogenic satellite cell proliferation and differentiation. Mol Cell Biochem 412(1-2):181-95.

    Mullins CR, Zerby HN, Fitzpatrick LA, Parker AJ. 2016. Bos indicus cattle possess greater basal concentrations of HSP27, alpha B-crystallin, and HSP70 in skeletal muscle in vivo compared with bos taurus cattle. J Anim Sci 94(1):424-9.

    Ujor V, Okonkwo C, Ezeji TC. 2016. Unorthodox methods for enhancing solvent production in solventogenic clostridium species. Appl Microbiol Biotechnol 100(3):1089-99.