Department Roundup : Department Roundup 2016 05 24

  1. Congratulations Students!

    2016 OARDC Annual Research Conference, April 21, 2016, Wooster, Ohio

    MS student poster competition:  third – Amanda Luoma (advisor: Ramesh Selvaraj)

    PhD student poster competition: third – Christopher Okonkwo (advisor: Teddy Ezeji)


    Tri-State Dairy Nutrition Conference, April 18-20, 2016, Ft. Wayne, Indiana

    Undergraduate Lit Review:  second – Douglas Liebe

    Undergraduate Research: third – Rachel Nelson

    MS: second – Rebekah Meller (advisor: Jeff Firkins), third – Ethan Carder (advisor: Bill Weiss)

    PhD: first – Benjamin Wenner (advisor: Jeff Firkins), third – Matthew Faulkner (advisor: Bill Weiss)





    Photo at top right:  Undergraduate Student Award Winners: Dr. Joanne Knapp, Fox Hollow Consulting (Co-Chair, Student Program); Rachel Nelson, The Ohio State University (3rd place, Original Research); Danielle Andreen, Michigan State University (2nd place, Original Research); Jordan Guy, Michigan State University (1st place, Original Research); Joshua Bukoski, Michigan State University (1st place, Literature Review); Doug Liebe, The Ohio State University (2nd Place, Literature Review), and Amanda Hanes, Michigan State University (3rd place, Literature Review).




  2. Update on 2016 Tri-State Dairy Nutrition Conference

    The 2016 Tri-State Dairy Nutrition Conference was very successful with a record attendance of 550 and also a record number of 73 exhibitors. The pre-conference workshop on animal monitoring technology was well attended, and there were 10 undergraduates, 4 MS students, and 12 PhD students that competed in student presentations. The pre-conference symposium sponsored by Pioneer was an excellent program and was well attended. The new Hot Topics breakfast hosted by Micronutrients and the post-conference program hosted by Balchem provided attendees with additional valuable information about dairy cattle nutrition. The celebration of the 25th year anniversary included facility decorations, providing attendees a memorable milk bottle, and anniversary cake and ice cream at the hospitality time on Tuesday evening. The 2017 Conference to be held April 17-19 and DiamondV will be sponsor for the pre-conference symposium on April 18. A pre-conference workshop on feed analytical testing is being organized by several commercial analytical laboratories. Mark your calendars for plans to attend an excellent program and make sure you bookmark the Conference’s new web address: – by Maurice Eastridge

  3. Pets 4 Life website emerges from the classroom

    Three graduating students (Brittley Hill, Tasha Himes and Monica Winters) took Kelly George's Human Dimensions (AS5000) course in the fall and decided to take one of their course assignments to another level. They created a website as an educational tool about pet ownership for Ohio State students. The result is Pets 4 Life. The team has been working with the Pre-vet Club to take over the site to keep it updated.

  4. Little International 2016

    The 2016 Little "I" (International) was held April 16 at the Beef, Swine, and Equine Centers in Columbus. Top three finishes in each category of the contest are listed below.


    1. Garth Ruff
    2. Candace Lease
    3. Kristen Subler

    Corned Beef

    1. Karli Lane
    2. Seth Aufderhaar
    3. Michelle LeMaster

    Sheep - Experienced

    1. Zach Temple
    2. Ariel Watson
    3. Corey Jodrey

    Sheep - Inexperienced

    1. April Rose
    2. Sierra Jepsen
    3. Bryanna Justice

    Beef Cattle - Experienced

    1. Molly Cleveland
    2. Colton Tom
    3. Nicole Swavel

    Beef Cattte - Inexperienced

    1. Lindsey Walls
    2. Ben Miller
    3. Chase Thut

    Horses - Experienced

    1. Holden Hutchinson
    2. Lindsey Walls
    3. Libby Weglarz

    Horses - Inexperienced

    1. Hope Andrews
    2. Victoria Polentz
    3. Melanie Repella

    Pigs - Experienced

    1. Brooke Anderson
    2. Darby Walton
    3. Emily Warnock

    Pigs - Inexperienced

    1. Rachel Park
    2. Steeb Winner
    3. Molly Cleveland

    Guys and Gals Lead - Traditional

    Lauren Smith

    Guys and Gals Lead - Entertainment

    Bryanna Justice

  5. AMSA Southeastern Collegiate Meat Judging Contest

    The Ohio State University 2016 Meats Judging Team in the Department of Animal Science returned from the Southeastern meat judging contest co-hosted by The Ohio State University and the University of Kentucky and held on April 8th and 9th. The Fightin' Buckeyes finished 3rd out of nine teams.

    The team placed 1st in Beef grading, 1st in Overall Beef, 3rd in Beef Judging, and 5th in Total Reasons.

    Ian Van Kirk, a senior Animal Science major (minoring in Meat Science), was 3rd highpoint individual overall. He was 1st in Beef grading, 1st in Overall beef, and 3rd in Beef Judging.  

    Zachary Temple, a junior in Animal Science (minoring in Meat Science), finished 6th overall, 2nd in Beef grading, 2nd in Overall Beef, 3rd in specifications, 4th in Total Reasons, and 5th in Beef Judging.

    Caroline Miller, a junior Meat Science major, finished 9th overall and was 2nd in Beef judging and 4th in Overall Beef.

    April Rose, a senior in Animal Science (minoring in Meat Science), was third overall in Lamb judging.

    Emily Warnock, a junior Animal Science major, finished 4th in Pork judging.

    The Fightin' Buckeyes have completed their Spring season. The Meat Judging season will resume in the Fall beginning with the Eastern National Meat Judging Contest held in Wylusing, PA (October) followed with the American Royal (October) and International (November) Meat Judging Contest.

    The 2016 Meats Judging team is coached by graduate student Trey Garza from McAllen, TX and supervised/advised by Dr. Lyda G. Garcia, Assistant Professor - Meat Science. -by Dr. Lyda G. Garcia

  6. In the News

    Four Ohio State teams will work to commercialize their technology
    The Ohio State University News Room. feat. Dr. Teddy Ezeji

    First group of Buckeyes departs Wednesday for Soles4Souls trip to Jamaica
    Ohio State Althletics. feat. Elizabeth Buerling, junior Animal Sciences major.

    Animal Agriculture Alliance names Cooper Farms’ Terry Wehrkamp as Chair-Elect
    Feed&Grain. feat. Terry Wehrkamp, animal sciences alumnus and 2016 Animal Science Hall of Fame inductee

    Honorary Degrees
    University of Kentucky News. feat. Dr. Herbert Ockerman, Honorary Doctor of Science recipient.

    Gerards helped give equine trail riders miles of opportunity
    Farm & Dairy. feat. Barb Gerards

    New Chairmen Named for Select Sires Inc. Board of Directors at Annual Meeting
    Select Sires, Inc. feat. Dan Andreas, animal sciences alumnus

    Ohio Agricultural Hall of Fame announces inductees
    Ohio's Country Journal. feat. Animal Sciences alumni Fisher and Isler

    Columbus Zoo names clouded leopards after hero Taylor Decker
    Detroit Free Press. feat. Taylor Decker, Animal Sciences alumnus

    Are you ready to be audited?
    PORK Network. feat. Dr. Monique Pairis-Garcia

    Taylor Decker could be the next Jack Hanna, but he'd rather be the next Orlando Pace
    SB NATION. feat Taylor Decker, animal Sciences alumnus

    Beyond the Meat Cooler
    AgriNaturalist. feat. Dr. Lyda G. Garcis

    Hidden History A look at the Equine Program over the years
    AgriNaturalist. feat. Masa Williams and Dr. Kimberly Cole

    Start to Finish Students Get Fully Involved in Annual Horse Sale
    AgriNaturalist. feat. Dan Rhodeback, Dr. Kimberly Cole, Equine Behavior and Training students, and the Buckeye Bonanza

    Winners Named in OARDC Research Poster Competition
    OARDC News. Feat. Christopher Okonkwo and Amanda Luoma, each earning third place in the poster composition.

    OSU planning new ag sciences buildings in Wooster, Columbus
    Farm and Dairy

    Todd Applegate is new head of UGA Department of Poultry Science
    Poultry Times. feat. Ohio State animal sciences alumnus Todd Applegate

    Livestock training for the military extends reach of Extension
    Ohio's Country Journal. Feat. Dr. Steve Boyles, Mr. Gregg Fogle, Dr. Marty Mussard, and the animal sciences livestock facilities

    Ohio State Scholar-Athletes
    Animal Sciences 2016 Scholar-Athletes: Kathleen Cook (Swimming)

    The Veterinary Feed Directive (VFD) and the Beef Producer
    Ohio Beef Cattle Letter. feat. Dr. Justin Kieffer

    Photo from 2016 Equine Open House and Buckeye Bonanza, which raised $11,110 for the equine teaching program through the sale of 6 riding horses and 4 miniature horses along with a silent auction of donated crafts and gift items.

  7. Upcoming Events

    Livestock Judging Camp 2016
    Jun 2, 2016 - Jun 4, 2016
    The Ohio State University Livestock Judging team is once again hosting a Livestock Judging Camp for any youth who are interested in becoming more successful at judging livestock animals, and giving oral reasons.

    Gender Initiative Skill Workshop Effective Negotiation: Strategies to help avoid, “I wish I would have asked” syndrome
    Jun 7, 2016, 9:00am - 11:00am

    Reciprocal Meat Science Conference AMSA
    Jun 19, 2016 - Jun 22, 2016

    Ohio Sheep Day 2016
    Jul 9, 2016, 8:00am

    2016 Howard Wyman Sheep Industry Leadership School
    Jul 10, 2016 - Jul 14, 2016

    Poultry Science Association Annual Meeting
    Jul 11, 2016 - Jul 14, 2016

    ASAS-ADSA-CSAS-WSASAS Joint Annual Meeting
    Jul 19, 2016 - Jul 23, 2016

    Ohio State Fair
    Jul 27, 2016 - Aug 7, 2016

  8. Recently Published / Presented

    Chen PR, Shin S, Choi YM, Kim E, Han JY, Lee K. 2016. Overexpression of G0/G1 switch gene 2 in adipose tissue of transgenic quail inhibits lipolysis associated with egg laying. International Journal of Molecular Sciences 17(3).

    Clark DL, Coy CS, Strasburg GM, Reed KM, Velleman SG. 2016. Temperature effect on proliferation and differentiation of satellite cells from turkeys with different growth rates (1). Poult Sci 95(4):934-47.

    Hsu TD, Rea CL, Yu Z, Lee J. 2016. Prevalence and diversity of shiga toxin genes in Canada geese and water in western lake Erie region. J Great Lakes Res 42(2):476-81.

    2016 National Breeders Roundtable Program, May 5-6, 2016, St. Louis, Missouri

     Dr. Sandra Velleman. Adult Myoblast (Satellite Cell) Mediation of Posthatch Muscle Growth.

    Tri-State Dairy Nutrition Conference, April 18-20, 2016, Ft. Wayne, Indiana
     Dr. Maurice Eastridge. Welcome to the 25th Tri-State Dairy Nutrition Conference.

     Dr. Jeffrey Firkins. Update on the New Dairy NRC.

     Dr. Normand St-Pierre. Don't Drive into Smoke - Evaluating Data.

     Dr. Alejadro Relling. Fetal Programming in Dairy Cattle.

    Dr. Chanhee Lee. Future Direction for Managing N and P on Dairy Farms.

    Dr. William Weiss. Variation in TMR Composition Caused by Sampling Method.