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Recent Funding

USDA NIFA AFRI: Post Doctoral Fellowship (#2015-03681). Dr. Daniel Clark, PI: “Effect of posthatch thermal stress and simultaneous nutrient restriction on mechanisms that regulate skeletal muscle growth in broilers”

SEEDS: The OARDC Research Enhancement Competitive Grants Program grant recipients:

Dr. Lisa Bielke, PI, SEED category: “Characterization of avian enteric inflammation models to further facilitate study of host-microbiome interactions”
Dr. Sheila Jacobi, PI, SEED category: “Optimizing nutritional support to maintain gut barrier function in the developing neonate”
Dr. Ramesh Selvaraj, Co-PI, SEED category: “Probiotic bacteria (E. coli Nissle 1917) to enhance the performance of broiler chickens and control colonization with Campylobacter”
Dr. Macdonald Wick, PI, SEED category: “Impact of Frozen Storage on the Quality of Poultry Meat”

Douglas Liebe, PI, Undergraduate category: “Effect of Varying Grain Diets on Fecal Shedding of Coliform Bacteria in Lactating Dairy Cows”

Ohio Dairy Research Fund grant. Dr. Alejandro Relling, PI: “Association Between Metabolic Parameters and Reproduction in Lactating Dairy Cows”

USPOULTRY Foundation recruiting grant. Dr. Michael Cressman, PI.