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2015 CFAES and GSD Undergraduate Research Forum and Program

The College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences 2015 Undergraduate Research Forum was held February 19. Fifty students submitted abstracts to the forum, which was made up of five categories. Results of the judging were:

  • Animal Sciences – Animal Health (14 projects): 1st) Esther Lee (project advisor: Chien Li, University of Virginia School of Medicine); 2nd) Danielle Coleman (project advisor: Maurice Eastridge)
  • Animal Sciences – Nutrition (9 projects): 1st) Kate G. Meizlish (project advisor: Michael Lilburn); 2nd) Carter C. Wallinger (project advisor: Joseph Hogan)
  • Food Science (7 projects): 1st) Olivia Geoghegan
  • Social Sciences (5 projects): 1st) Laura E. Kington
  • Environmental and Plant Sciences (11 projects): 1st) Benjamin Rubinoff; 2nd) Alex Tyrpak

(Animal Sciences students in bold.)

The following Department of Animal Sciences faculty and staff members participated in the forum as judges:
• Kelly George
• Monique Pairis-Garcia
• Kimberly Cole
• Macdonald Wick
• Maurice Eastridge

Dr. Zhongtang Yu, associate professor, and Dr. Francis Fluharty, research professor, received the Research Award of Merit and the Extension Award of Merit, respectively, at the Annual Initiation and Awards Program of the Ohio State Chapter of Gamma Sigma Delta February 19, 2015. Gamma Sigma Delta is the honor society of agriculture.

"The broad objective of Gamma Sigma Delta is to encourage advancement and improvement in all branches of the agricultural sciences and agricultural industry. Specific objectives are to: (a) encourage high standards of scholarship and leadership in all branches of agricultural science and education; (b) encourage high quality achievement, professional ethics, and devotion to service of those entering into and working in all branches of agriculture; (c) render service that will benefit all branches of agriculture; and (d) promote a better understanding of the agricultural sector by the general public." Gamma Sigma Delta web site.