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Department Roundup: June 2015

  1. Happy National Dairy Month!

    June is National Dairy Month. The honor goes back to 1937 when it was known as National Milk Month.

    Click here to read more about the significance of National Dairy Month from the Midwest Dairy Association. 

  2. Personnel Updates

    Ms. Sarah Hancock, Graduate Program Coordinator, joins the department June 8. Her office will be in Animal Science Building 110J, Columbus. Dr. Eric England will be joining the faculty later this month.

    Allison Pullin and Brady Campbell begin as new graduate students with Dr. Monique Pairis-Garcia and will be in Wooster over the summer. Mahesh KC is a new graduate student with Dr. Kichoon Lee in Columbus.

    Peggy Lewis is continuing with Dr. Sandy Velleman as a research associate in Wooster.

    Mr. John Anderson, Research Associate and Poultry Extension Specialist, Wooster, retired.

  3. Birth Announcements

    Rowan Lynn Williams was born to Masa and Trent Williams May 17 at OSU Hospital.  She was 8 lbs 6 oz.

    Adelida Mildred, weighing in at 7.6 pounds, was born May 25 to Ashley and Kyle Culp.

  4. Meat Judging Team Fifth at Southeastern

    The 2015 Ohio State University Meats Judging Team in the Department of Animal Sciences began another year of competition. The 2015 meats judging team opened its season with its first competition, held in April, placing 5th at the Southeastern contest hosted by The Ohio State University and the University of Kentucky.

    The team won beef grading and placed fourth in specifications, fifth in overall beef, and fifth in total reasons.

    Joonbum Lee, a senior Meat Science major from South Korea, earned second place individual finish of the contest. Mr. Lee also won specification, placed third in overall beef, fourth in beef grading, and fifth in beef judging and total placing.

    Gracie Wolford, a senior Food Science major from Newark, OH, placed second in specifications.

    Students representing the Buckeyes at the Southeastern Contest include:

    • Benjamin Betteridge, a junior from Conneaut, OH
    • Landon Brehm, a junior from Chattanouga, OH
    • Savannah Forgey, a junior from Rio Grande, OH
    • Joonbum Lee, a senior from South Korea
    • Brady Campbell, a senior from Waterford, OH
    • Cierra Jordan, a senior from Belle Center, OH
    • Lydia Ulry, a senior from Johnstown, OH
    • Gracie Wolford, a senior from Newark, OH
    • Austin Fenner, a senior from Edon, OH

    “This first contest, it helps us understand where we are as a team and individually in preparation of upcoming competitions. I believe they did well,” said Garcia.

    The 2015 Meats Judging team is coached by Dr. Lyda G. Garcia, Assistant Professor, Meat Science, and by assistant Garth Ruff, an Animal Sciences graduate student.

  5. Study Abroad Students Return and Leave for South Africa

    Ten students recently returned from South Africa where they took part in the Exotic Animal Behavior and Welfare study abroad. A second group is currently traveling the same itinerary. Resident directors for the trips were Ms. Kelly George and Dr. Steve Moeller, respectively.

    The first trip included experiences at the Pretoria Zoo and Wildlife Biological Resource Centre, Mikon Poultry Facility, Elephant Sanctuary, Kruger National Park, Moholoholo Rehabilitation Centre, Blyde River Canyon, and Timbivati Private Reserve, as well as a game capture simulation via helicopter. View photos on the department web pages.

  6. Renovations

    We are once again in the midst of renovations in Animal Science Building over the summer. Some info you need to know:

    Work will be done on stairwells. Thank you for your patience as each stairwell will generaly not be available over some length of time, except for emergencies.

    Suite 122 is being renovated from top to bottom. See list below to locate people. Their phones have been moved during renovations, so phone numbers will be the same as usual. Mailboxes are set up in 110K.

    • Sandy Bentley: 110 reception area, 2nd workstation
    • Ron Cramer: 123A
    • Lyda Garcia: 110G
    • Kichoon Lee: 110A
    • Steve Moeller: 110H
    • Zhongtang Yu: 110E
    • Joe Hogan: 110A
  7. Changes Coming…

    A new submission form is now available on the Employee Resources pages of the department website. Use this form to submit news, events, publications, etc. for posting on the website. Submissions can be anonymous, so you don’t have to feel you are “tooting your own horn”.
    Go to About Us » Employee Resources » Info Submission Form

    If you have not already noticed, each news article, media mention, or event that concerns one of our faculty, staff, or graduate students is now tied to the respective person profile. The notice is shown at left of your profile, under the left menu. Soon to come, new publications will also be listed there. You can use the form above to submit this type of information. You can also continue submitting to hendrick.17.

  8. In the News

    In the QS World University Rankings by Subject 2015 for Agriculture & Forestry, The Ohio State University ranked 22 (12th of US universities). Topping the list was University of California, Davis.  Read more about the rankings...

    The Ohio State University Livestock Judging Camp will take place June 8-10.

    Ohio Sheep Day is to be held July 11, 2015.

    Ohio dairy judging team to compete in Europe. Farm and Dairy article. OSU Extension 4-H dairy program specialist Sherry Smith will lead 4-H Dairy Judging Team to compete in Europe.

    Funding begins for new Appreciation Clubs. ASAS Taking Stock. Alumnus Dr. Terry Klopfenstein is being honored with Klopfenstein Student Excellence Scholarship Fund.

    Ohio Ag Council scholarships announced. Ohio's Country Journal article. Congratulations to Clint Gasser, recipient of a scholarships from the Ohio Ag Council.

    Ohio sheep industry poised for a larger national role. Ohio's Country Journal article. Read what Roger High has to say about Ohio's sheep industry

    Greece! Study abroad Ohio State STEP experience blog entry by Aubree Dendorfer.

    AMSA 68th RMC Undergraduate Scholastic Achievement Award Recipients. Brandon Klehm, meat science, will receive a 2015 Undergraduate Scholastic Achievement Award and will be recognized during the AMSA 68th RMC Awards Banquet, Tuesday, June 16th in Lincoln, NE.

  9. Recently Published

    Ahn J, Shin S, Suh Y, Park JY, Hwang SS, Lee K. Identification of the avian RBP7 gene as a new adipose-specific gene and RBP7 promoter-driven GFP expression in adipose tissue of transgenic quail. PLoS One. 10:e0124768.

    Carver SM, Nelson MC, Yu Z, Tuovinen OH. 2015. Fermentative metabolism of an anaerobic, thermophilic consortium on plant polymers and commercial paper samples. Biomass & Bioenergy 75:11-22.

    Choi Y, Davis ME, Chung H. 2015. Effects of genetic variants in the promoter region of the bovine adiponectin (ADIPOQ) gene on marbling of hanwoo beef cattle. Meat Sci 105:57-62.

    Costa-Lima BRC, Suman SP, Li S, Beach CM, Silva TJP, Silveira ETF, Bohrer BM, Boler DD. 2015. Dietary ractopamine influences sarcoplasmic proteome profile of pork longissimus thoracis. Meat Sci 103:7-12.

    Firkins JL, Yu Z. 2015. RUMINANT NUTRITION SYMPOSIUM: How to use data on the rumen microbiome to improve our understanding of ruminant nutrition.  Journal of Animal Science. 93(4):1450-1470.

    Hackmann TJ, Firkins JL. 2015. Maximizing efficiency of rumen microbial protein production. Front. Microbiol. 6:1-16.

    Liu K, Atiyeh HK, Pardo-Planas O, Ezeji TC, Ujor V, Overton JC, Berning K, Wilkins MR, Tanner RS. 2015. Butanol production from hydrothermolysis-pretreated switchgrass: Quantification of inhibitors and detoxification of hydrolyzate. Bioresour Technol 189:292-301.

    Morris A, Shanmugasundaram R, McDonald J, Selvaraj RK. 2015. Effect of in vitro and in vivo 25-hydroxyvitamin D treatment on macrophages, T cells, and layer chickens during a coccidia challenge. J. Anim. Sci. 93.

    Patra AK and Yu Z. 2015. Essential oils affect populations of some rumen bacteria in vitro as revealed by microarray (RumenBactArray) analysis. Frontiers in Microbiology 6:297.

    Turner KE, Cassida KA, Zerby HN, Brown MA. 2015. Carcass parameters and meat quality in meat-goat kids finished on chicory, birdsfoot trefoil, or red clover pastures. Meat Sci 105:68-74.

    Wang Y, Lee K, Moon YS, Ahmadian M, Kim KH, Roder K, Kang C, Sul HS. Overexpression of pref-1 in pancreatic islet β-cells in mice causes hyperinsulinemia with increased islet mass and insulin secretion. Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications. 461:630-635.

  10. Ongoing Training at OSU

    Office of Research workshops: getting and managing research funding, IRB guidance, post doc topics, etc.

    Office of Distance Education and eLearning (ODEE) workshops: Carmen, iTunes U, accessibility, classroom technology, U.OSU.EDU, etc.

    University Center for the Advancement of Teaching (UCAT) events on teaching: teaching, writing, planning, Course Design Institutes, etc.

    Research Commons, University Libraries events: data, copyright, funding, publishing, etc.

  11. Funding and Recognition Information

    Calendars of upcoming proposal deadlines: Available at any time on the department web site...under About Us tab, then under Employee Resources. No log-in required. Updated regularly. Target: faculty, staff members, post docs, graduate students, undergraduate students. Click here to go to pages. Remember, even though staff members cannot apply to many grants as the PI, they can apply for funding by working with a faculty member who can serve as PI.

    Limited Submission and Prize Report for FAES: Compiled by the Office of Research. These opportunities have internal (OSU) deadlines that must be met prior to the agency deadlines; internal approval is necessary for submission to agency. Link.

    Internal Funding Opportunities: The Ohio State University. Link.

    Funding for Research Related to Developing Countries: Opportunities listed at Feed the Future Innovation Lab (Adapting Livestock Systems to Climate Change), Colorado State University, "Research Communique"

    Award Nominations: The Awards Nomination Committee covers many of the award nominations. Contact the chairman of the committee, Dr. Mike Davis, with questions or if you wish to nominate someone.


  12. University Mental Health Resources

    All OSU Counseling and Consultation Services (CCS) staff were sent home to tele-commute until further notice.The CCS phone line 614-292-5766 remains available for emergency assistance 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. Students can push 2 to reach a mental health counselor at any time.

    CCS has suspended onsite and in person services, including those at embedded locations, through at least May 3, 2020.  You are still able to connect with a counselor  for a 30 minute phone or video consultation using Carmen Zoom or Skype. These consultations are offered 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM Monday through Friday in order to check in with students, problem solve, and offer support.  Students will need to share their address/location at the time of the call.

    Students can access many self-help tools that are available on the CCS website at . The CCS COVID-19 updates page linked to the website is a great resource. On that page, students will find helpful coping skills such as the mental health strategies video series. This time that can be difficult for many. All students are encouraged to check that out.

    This link also contains some great information for coping right now:

    If you encounter a suspected emergency situation with any student during this time, crisis support is available by calling CCS at 614-292-5766. If this happens with the student remotely located, please try to get as much contact information about the student such as name, phone number, OSU dot #, and address where they are currently located. If you suspect safety is at risk or compromised at that time for the student or anyone they are with, please call 9-1-1. They will help immediately regardless of where the student is physically located. After you have done one of the steps above, please let me know of the situation so that follow up contact attempts can be made with the student. Please make sure to provide me with the best way to reach you right now too.

    This is an unusual time for all of us. Please practice good self-care, social distancing, and stay safe. Additional information on Coronavirus (COVID-19) is available at . Faculty and Staff should also remember our OSU Employee Assistance Program is still available by contacting 614-292-4700 or 800-678-6269.

    A full list of available counselors in the college can be found here

  13. CFAES Mental Health Counselor

    Did you know that CFAES has hired a counselor to support the needs of their students' mental health?  Dr. Wirt holds counseling sessions in Ag Admin Room 100 four days a week and is in Lincoln Tower on Wednesday. See the attached if you’re interested in making an appointment.

  14. Portfolium Resource Page

    The College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences has renewed its partnership with and will continue to provide ALL students and faculty the opportunity to create a professional, online digital portfolio. In today’s world, employers seek evidence of career-relevant skills and competencies beyond listings on a resume. Students at all levels can easily create evidence-based credentials. In other words, attaching documents, videos, audio files, graphics, coding samples and presentations help demonstrate your knowledge and abilities.

    You should have already received your Portfolium invitation with the subject: “Access your CFAES Portfolium.” The email contains a link to activate your free verified account within the CFAES network using your Ohio State credentials.  If you missed the initial email, you can also join by using the Portfolium Resource Page.

    For more information or inquires, contact Elaine Eberlin.