SHIFT Mental Health Community

Mental Health is very important to PVMA, and in an effort to better the mental health of PVMA we will be instituting a mental health community called SHIFT. SHIFT is a group that comes together to talk about any issues we may be facing such as, stress, anxiety, depression etc. as well as support each other when we’re struggling. The purpose of SHIFT is to shift your mental health in the right direction through providing a supportive mental health community, as well as, educating about mental health. You do not have to be pre-vet or a member of PVMA to come, ALL are welcome! Meetings will be Monday, Wednesday, Friday, from 8-9pm on Carmen zoom. In order to join: log into Carmen zoom, using your regular Carmen log in, then join the meeting using this code: 313-233-2861. Please email PVMA’s Mental Health Chair: Abby Orellana.22, with any questions!