Hameau Farm Summer Experience

Hameau Farms is a small dairy farm in central PA and they run a program for girls age 7-14 during the summer months. They are very proud to announce that their program has proven to be a tremendous way to introduce young urban kids and their families to the agriculture and dairy industries. They have had many alumni with no background in farming go on to study Dairy Science at prestigious programs including Wisconsin and Penn State.

Hameau Farms is looking for staff for the summer 2020 program. A summer job at Hameau Farm is an excellent chance to see what small dairy production looks like first hand, as well as a chance to share your passion for dairy science and agriculture with the next generation. The program is small enough that we are thrilled to help staff members get involved in whatever aspects of the dairy industry excite them the most: milking, breeding, calf/heifer management, 4H, etc. We also have sheep, goats and pigs on the farm during the summer. Additionally, Audrey Gay Rodgers, the farm owner and summer program director, is a very well-connected farmer and a fabulous professional reference for future positions.

All the information and application instructions can be found here