Veterinary Information Specialist/RVT Position

The College of Veterinary Medicine seeks a Registered Veterinary Technician to join the OSU Large Animal Services (OSULAS) clinic in Marysville, Ohio. The Marysville clinic is a full service veterinary teaching practice providing individual animal, herd-based and emergency services for food and fiber animals and horses. This position supports the clinical and teaching mission of the OSU Large Animal Services clinic by providing patient care, inventory management, health certicate processing, sterile supply and cleaning duties, and supporting client services as part of the clinical and teaching mission on the clinic. The RVT is responsible for providing the highest level of patient care through direct interaction and assistance to students and clinicians with administering medications, catheter flushes, changing/delivering IV fluids; changing bandages; restraining animals; performing blood draws; providing vaccinations; preparing and scrubbing animals for surgery/clinical procedures; and providing support to clinicians and students during inpatient and surgical procedures. Technician support may also involve processing incoming lab reports; recording lab information into medical records; packaging labs and completing necessary forms; processing blood/fecal/milk samples; traveling with clinicians to onsite visits; assisting clinicians with restraint, veterinary care procedures, and animal tracking/recording (EIP) to comply with bloodwork and testing requirements; acts as a pharmacy technician dispensing and reviewing medications to clients and ensures proper labeling; performing and restraining animal for radiological procedures. This position will be responsible for the clinics inventory management including ordering and stocking medications and supplies, disposing of expired medications, adjusting pricing and ensuring proper billing to clients, working with external and internal vendors on supplies, completing orders as needed, working with the Clinic Manager on ensuring proper billing, develops and delivers inventory management reports, works with faculty on ensuring ample stock is available and ordering of new medications, as well as maintaining counts via electronic means of all medications/supplies; cleans and ensures working condition of all national and state online tracking systems; provides excellent customer service to clients which involves processing payments, referring clients to the scheduling coordinator, serving as a liasion between clients and clinicians, checking on inpatient animals providing basic information on wellbeing and answering quesitons on patient care as well as contacting Columbus VMC to provide information on patient transfers/referrals. Must have experience with handling of large animals, food animals, and/or horses. Experience working in a dairy, equine or veterinary facility is preferred. Must be a Registered Veterinary Technician in the State of Ohio and requires a successful background check. Hours are typically 8:00 am ro 5:00 pm. Apply before April 14th. For more information, see the attached