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Message from CFAES Student Council Delegate

Hi! My name is Cassidy Kelly, I’m a 3rd year, Animal Sciences major from Chicago, Illinois and I am currently serving on the CFAES Undergraduate Student Council as a delegate for Animal Sciences majors. As a delegate, it is my job to be a representative on Council for my fellow undergraduate students in this major. That said, if you have opinions, questions, or concerns about the happenings within your major or CFAES as a whole, please do not hesitate to reach out to me at and I will direct them to the appropriate person within administration. I am here to serve as your go-to person to help ensure that your voice is heard within the College. Again, you can contact me directly at, or you can fill out the anonymous submission form at this link: Including just your major in the anonymous submission form will ensure that your question/concern is forwarded to me, leaving it fully anonymous will forward it to the Council Executive team as a whole.