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Select Sires Dairy Analytics Support Specialist

Select Sires, Inc. is seeking a Dairy Analytics Support Specialist to administer Select Sires, Inc’s RePRO ReVIEW database and program. Position will be based in Plain City, Ohio and will report to Charles Sattler and King Smith.
This position will be responsible for database administration, data retrieval and analysis, and reporting of results to the various Select Sires and customer users. This position will also work closely with the SRS Specialists, PGA Coordinators, and RePRO ReVIEW team members. Qualified candidates must be detail oriented and technology savvy.


  •  Review request and input herds into SRS RePRO ReVIEW database
  •  Assist with enrolling PGA Elite, CHART and other genetic development herds in RePRO ReVIEW
  •  Monitor all herds in RePRO ReVIEW for:
    •  Automated Data updating
    •  Automated Report generation
    •  Automatic emailing Reports to SRS Specialist
    •  RePRO Review New Herd form on file
    •  RePRO ReVIEW Herd Agreement on file
  •  Maintain a list of request for additional measures for RePRO ReVIEW
  •  Setup herd folders in Box for new herds to be added into RePRO ReVIEW
  •  Help SRS Specialists and PGA Coordinators setup new herds for RePRO ReVIEW
  •  Extract data from automated systems for genetic development activities
  •  Answer calls and troubleshoot any issues with RePRO ReVIEW
  •  Help monitor and acquire repro data from any Select Sires National Accounts
  •  Work with Select Sires Technical Service team on designated projects
  •  Maintain a good working relationship with the RePRO ReVIEW team


  • Bachelor’s degree in animal or dairy science, and/or working knowledge of the dairy industry, with some understanding of genomic testing
  • Exceptional communicator both verbal and written
  • Computer proficiency with advanced knowledge of spreadsheet and database tools (SQL)
  • Superior project management skills with minimal supervisory needs
  • Ability to prioritize tasks while working independently and under time constraints
  • Ability to function as a team player and comfortable in multi-tasking
  • Willing to do some domestic travel
  • Fundamental understanding of AI industry

Qualified candidates must submit résumé with salary requirements and employment history to Cece Utendorf.