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Feed Sales and Technical Support Manager

Organix Recycling was incorporated in 2009 for the explicit purpose of diverting food from landfills to sustainable recycling facilities. They are the largest collector of supermarket food recyclables in the U.S. and serve 34 States and Puerto Rico. They recover retail food from more than 6000 major retail supermarkets and recycle most of this into ruminant feed. Animal feed represents the most value-added method of recycling retail food and is a growth market. 

Major Responsibilities:

• Assist Feed Director in executing feed sales and marketing plans
• Candidates are expected to establish, support and maintain beef and dairy cattle accounts within a given geographic area that result in growth of usage of Organix’s supply of food waste by-products while demonstrating industry networking skills, specifically in proactively creating connections in key areas to increase company visibility and credibility
• Work with Organix operations & logistics team to balance supply of food waste by-products with customer demand
• Identify new feeding operations and develop relationships that give the opportunity to grow sales of products available in the market
• Maintain & update a Customer Relations Management database with all targeted feeding operations

Candidate should hold a BS in Animal and/or Dairy Science or a closely-related major, have excellent written and verbal communication skills and practical knowledge and experience with feeding, nutrition and production of both dairy and beef cattle. Sales experience is desired, but not required.

 Applicant should submit a Cover Letter and Resume to  Please provide names of three individuals that can be contacted as references. Any questions related to this position can be directed to Rick Weber at