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Hill Supply Service Specialist Position

Hills Supply was founded in 1979 and our primary location is in Canal Fulton, Ohio. They sell, install, and service milking equipment from Canal Fulton and their 4 other locations in Ohio. Their goal is to be the very best at servicing and supporting our customers. This position will have a strong concentration on robotics, automation, and computers. Motivated person responsible for the installation, maintenance, service, repair, and support of the electrical, mechanical, and software features within milking equipment. Additional responsibilities include customer interfacing, supplier interfacing, providing technical support to other departments within the organization, and selling Hill’s Supply Inc. parts and services when possible and appropriate. 

Essential Duties:

  • Service specialist working individually or member of a team, working on milking equipment, robots, and semi-automated parlors
  • Responsible for the installation, assembly, reconditioning, and repair of equipment
  • Regular service hours, shared on-call after hours, and weekend on-call rotation. Compensation includes overtime and double time.
  • Performs electrical work that may include communication (CAN, LAN, RS232), low voltage (12/24 VDC/AC), line voltage (120, 208, 277, 480VAC), motors, transformers, contactors, relays, timers, circuit boards, sensors, and general passive components (resistors, capacitors, inductors)
  • Performs mechanical work that may include moveable parts via hydraulic, vacuum, pneumatic, spring, or gravity power, refrigeration, pumps, welding, and fabrication
  • Performs computer work that may include general PC navigation, data mining and interpretation, product software installation and upgrades, programmable logic controls, product software interrogation and troubleshooting, and hardware / software integration
  • Reads service news and technical documentation to stay informed and up to date with product enhancements and troubleshooting guides
  • Read and interpret electrical schematics, assembly instructions, and parts diagrams
  • Scopes out work, resources, and time required to complete projects.  Identifies and recommends efficiency improvements and risk mitigations
  • Acts as a technical point of contact for customers, suppliers, and other departments within the organization
  • Maintains accurate, easy to read records of work performed
  • Maintains safe work habits and a clean work area
  • Maintains and cares for all shop tools, machines, equipment, and vehicles
  • Attends technical trainings as needed
  • Works under some supervision with work checked periodically with an expectation of minimal error rates
  • Performs other duties as assigned by management

Required Experience:

  • Concentrated training or schooling in an applicable technical discipline
  • Strong understanding of electrical and/or mechanical disciplines, including installation, testing, and troubleshooting
  • Technical experience in at least a subset of the following areas:
    • Electrical
      • Communication protocols including CAN, LAN, and RS232
      • Low voltage including 12/24 VAC/DC
      • Line voltage including 120, 208, 277, 480VAC single phase and three phase
      • Electrical components including motors, transformers, contactors, relays, timers, circuit boards, sensors, resistors, capacitors, and inductors
      • Read and interrupt electrical schematics
    • Mechanical
      • Hydraulic, vacuum, pneumatic, spring, and gravity powered moving parts
      • Refrigeration
      • Pumps
      • Read and interpret parts diagrams and assembly instructions
    • Computer
      • Computer navigation
      • Software installation
      • Windows operating system
      • Linux operating system
      • Programmable logic controls
      • Hardware / Software integration

Preferred Education and Experience:

  • Advanced training or AS/BS degree in a technical discipline, or equivalent
  • Experience with milking equipment
  • Proficient in electrical and mechanical disciplines, including installation and troubleshooting
  • Computer Software Experience
  • Proficient with the use of multimeters, torches, & welders. Sensors for pressure, vacuum, air flow, and temperature, and general hand tools


Forward your resume to:

Stan Palmer

Business Manager

Hills Supply, Inc.

330-407-0220 cell