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NAMI Scholarship

The North American Meat Institute Scholarship Foundation has opened the scholarships for 2018-2019.  Applications must be submitted online by June 1, 2018. Applicants must meet the eligibility requirements below in order to apply, financial need, age, gender or national origin are not conditions of eligibility for any of the awards.

  • Only sophomores, juniors, and seniors pursuing an approved program in Animal Science, Meat Science, Food Science or related discipline at an accredited educational institution are eligible.
  • Must be attending 4-year colleges or universities with either Animal, Meat of Food Science departments, or attending an accredited culinary program.
  • Minimum cumulative 2.75 Grade Point Average (GPA) to apply
  • A recommendation letter from a faculty member familiar with their work.
  • Enrolled in an approved program at the time the scholarship becomes effective.  Freshmen who apply must be sophomores at the time the scholarship becomes effective.
  • Applicants who receive an award must remain enrolled in the approved major and educational institution.  Awardees who withdraw from school or transfer to another major during the term of their scholarship must return the award to the NAMI Scholarship Foundation.
  • Senior students must enroll as undergraduates for two consecutive semesters (or equivalent) beyond the effective date, September 1, 2018, of the scholarship.

More information on the NAMI Scholarship Foundation can be found here. Applications can be found here. Feel free to reach out to Dr. KatieRose McCullough with any questions.