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Meat Judging Course


Do you catch yourself asking the following questions: Why different cuts of meat vary in price? How two steaks can vary in price when they look exactly the same? Or even, What am I looking for when selecting meat? Well The College of Agriculture offers a course to help you answer some of these questions. MEATSCI 3310 Meat Animal and Evaluation is the class for you. MEATSCI 3310 strives to help students understand industry approach from hoof to plate. Understanding the foundation of meat evaluation, selection, and grading of market livestock (beef, pork, and lamb), their carcasses, and wholesale cuts. In addition, You students will strengthen decision making skills, written communication as well as critical thinking skills. This class fits an array of student interests: from the Meat science major to the individual who would just enjoy learning about meat. By the end of the course, students will be able to shop at the meat retail case with greater ease, all while, obtaining credit.  Instructor of Record, Dr. Lyda G. Garcia, (a Texas native) has recently joined the Buckeye Animal Science Family focuses in the area of Meat Science. "You will never look at meat the same."