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Student Newsletter: August 13, 2018

  1. Your Guide to Welcome Week!

    What the heck is Welcome Week? I get it. By now, you’ve probably received about a million different emails with a million different dates and times. What do you actually have to go to? What dates should you mark down? I’m here to help!

    Basically, Welcome Week is the first week back from summer break and it’s PACKED with activities that will allow you to meet other students, meet OSU staff, and get ~free~ stuff!

    Here’s a breakdown of important stuff going on at OSU…

    • Saturday Sundaes w/ Dr. Drake - August 18th from 2:00-3:00pm at Ohio Union Performance Hall
      • Both students and parents are invited to meet Dr. Drake, Ohio State’s President. This is a great opportunity to get to know an ~OSU celebrity~ and get FREE ice cream.
    • Student Involvement Fair – August 19th from 4:00-7:00pm on The Oval
      • This is a great opportunity to learn about everything Ohio State has to offer! Don’t waste your time as a college student by ONLY going to class. It is super important to get involved with additional activities on campus! I promise there is something for everyone here.
    • President’s Convocation – August 20th from 10:30AM-12:00PM at the Schottenstein Center
      • This is the official opening to the academic year! This is an opportunity to hear from President Drake, faculty, administrators, and other special guests.
    • Buck-I-Frenzy – August 20th from 12:00-4:00pm at the RPAC
      • If you like coupons and free stuff… Buck-I-Frenzy is the place for you! Get there early to get the good stuff. Plus, this is a great opportunity to meet other students.
    • Movie on South Oval – August 22nd at 8:00pm on The South Oval
      • Wrap up your first day of classes with food, friends, and a feature film! Everything is free. This is an awesome opportunity to get to know some new people!
    • Buckeye Kick-Off – August 23rd from 6:00-8:00pm at the Ohio Stadium
      • If you’ve ever been in the student section at an OSU game, you’ve probably wondered how everyone knows the same cheers. Well, Buckeye Kick-Off is where we learned them! If you’ve never been to an OSU football game, this is your first chance to explore Ohio Stadium. Not to mention free “Ohio Dogs”. Personally, I think the Ohio Dog a really strange food combination, but it’s well known among OSU students and alumnae and a lot of people love it. Don’t forget to wear your OSU gear!
    •  Community Commitment – August 25th from 9:00AM-2:00PM at Ohio Union Grand Ballroom
      • If you enjoy serving the community, this is a great event for you! You’ll travel to one of over 50 service sites around Columbus for a day of service. Breakfast and lunch are provided!
    • Back 2 School Bash – August 30th at 5:00pm at Fred Beekman Park Wheel
      • Your amazing advisor, Mariette, and a bunch of amazing students spent a lot of time planning this event! There will be music, games, kickball, tug of war, bingo, giveaways, free food, carnival artists, and so much more! This is a great opportunity to meet other CFAES students and faculty. Hope to see you there!


    As a bonus, I wanted to throw some first year of college advice your way. Here are a few things I wish I had known when I started at OSU….

    • Everyone is nervous. Don’t get discouraged when you don’t LOVE college your first week. College is super overwhelming and it’s totally normal to feel uneasy.
    • Most Welcome Week activities are not required… BUT you should still make it to AT LEAST some! When I first started at OSU I was still in the high school mindset that if I didn’t go to certain things, I would get in trouble. There are way too many people at OSU for anyone to keep track of who is and isn’t at certain events. That being said, you’re missing out on a lot of opportunities to get involved and meet new people if you don’t go. And, YES, I still talk to people that I met at Welcome Week.
    • “I didn’t review that topic very much. It was on the notes, but we didn’t talk about it in lecture a lot.” NO! That does NOT fly here. Just because a topic wasn’t covered as extensively as another doesn’t mean you can forget it. It will very likely still be on the exam.
    • It’s okay to change your mind. You might come into school seeing yourself in one career and then decide there’s a better fit for you elsewhere. That’s totally normal and OKAY!
    • Get to know your professors, TAs, and advisors. I promise no one wants you to fail. There’s no shame in asking for extra help. Also, you'll probably need a letter of recommendation from them one day. 
    • Stay healthy. Mentally and physically. If you ever find that you need some help, DO NOT HESITATE to reach out to a staff member. We are a family and we want you to succeed.
    • Get involved, but don’t bite off more than you can chew. Most students that have been to the Involvement Fair would probably agree with me that there are a lot of amazing clubs at OSU so we signed up for every single one! Now I’m on the email list for about 40 different clubs and I only actually participate in 3. Don’t be afraid to try new things, but it’s better to find a few things you’re passionate about rather than try to stretch yourself to participate in everything.
    • College goes by fast… too fast… one day you’ll be a third year student sitting at your laptop writing advice for freshman, and it’ll just blow your mind because you still remember sitting at orientation terrified of everything. Enjoy college! Make the most of it! You can and will do amazing things!


  2. Back 2 School Bash!

    Join us for our annual evening of fun and fellowship at Fred Beekman Park Wheel Shelter on Thursday, Aug. 30th starting at 5:00 PM!  We will have music, fun games, kickball and tug of war tournaments, bingo, cool give aways, free food, carnival artists, Columbus Zoo exhibition, and more. Check out the flier attached for more information! Hope to see you there!

  3. A.P.E.S. Fundrasier

    Join The American Primate Educational Sanctuary for a family friendly fundrasier! The fundrasier will be Sunday, September 9 from 12-4pm at 8380 Kennedy Road, Blacklick OH 43004. Admission is $7 per person. There will be food, games, crafts, a bounce house... and MUCH MORE! For more information about this event, visit Hope to see you there!

  4. Buckeyes We're Proud Of!

    Congratulations to Jessica Shrake for receiving honorable mention in the student competition (primarily graduate students) at the American Association of Veterinary Parasitologists (AAVP) meeting in Denver, CO this past month!  She completed a collaborative research project, Dirofilaria immitis: cryopreservation for diagnostic teaching, with the assistance of Sidney Long, a third year student in Animal Science.  Both Jessica and Sidney volunteered as teaching assistants in the College of Veterinary Medicine within the Veterinary Parasitology Teaching Laboratory and completed the project under the guidance of Dr. Antoinette Marsh. Jessica also received an AAVP travel grant of $500 as the student representative of the Buckeye Parasitology Club which is open to undergraduate and veterinary students.  

  5. Diamond Creek Farm Internship

    Diamond Creek Farm has an internship position open for summer 2019. This is an exciting opportunity for college students looking to break into the equine industry! Interns will be provided with housing, including utilities, and $400 salary per week. For more information, see the attached flyer. Please email your resume and references to with “Internship” in the subject line. You will recieve a reply with a questionnaire of your experience and interests.

  6. National Turkey Federation Internship

    The National Turkey Federation has protected and advocated for the various interests of the turkey industry since 1940. NTF’s mission is to be the national advocate for all segments of the turkey industry and to provide services that enhance its members’ ability to provide consumers with high quality, nutritious products. There is an internship position available with NTF. Applicants must be a recent graduate or have completed their junior year and are enrolled in a degree-granting program in an undergraduate school during the internship. Pursuit of, or degree in, agriculture, communications, public health, and/or political science studies strongly desired. Strong consideration will be given to those interested in poultry science. Please send a resume, cover letter and letter of recommendation to Sarah Trujillo - For more information on this position, please see the attachment

  7. Valkyre Stud Internship Opportunity

    Valkyre Stud is a commercial thoroughbred operation located in Central Kentucky. They are currently seeking qualified interns to participate in their Spring educational program that will provide hands on experience in the areas of foaling, reproduction and general herd care. The position offers daily interaction with professionals that specialize in reproduction, diagnostic imaging, foal podiatry and dental equine therapy. The Fall intern program encompasses sales preparation and participation in the public auctions held in Lexington.

    The position offers living accommodations, which includes utilities, and salary based on experience. Successful interns will have the opportunity to continue employment on a full-time basis at the farm. If this sounds like something you would be interested in, forward an introductory letter and resume to

  8. Immediate Openings at Trueman Farms

    Trueman Farms has immediate full-time and part-time positions open. Applicants will be exposed to veterinary care, have the opportunity to obtain leadership roles, and further their knowledge in horse care, handling, and training. Experience is not required, but preferred. Send all inquiries to See the attachment for more information on the position and application directions. 

  9. Interested in Working with Thoroughbreds?

    Have you been looking for a full-time position related to the equine industry? Thoroughbred Daily News has a large list of various career postings. Check out the link here

  10. National DIHA Scholarship

    National Dairy Herd Information Association (DHIA) is now accepting applications for $1,000 scholarships! Applicants must be a family member or and employee of a herd on a DHI test, family member of a DHI employee, or employee of DHI affiliate. All applcations are due by November 30, 2018. Electronic scholarship applications can be found on the DHIA website. For more information regarding this scholarship, see the attachment

  11. Scotland Spring Break Study Abroad

    Have you ever wanted to see Scotland? This may be your opportunity! There is a new education abroad program that will allow students to examine small ruminant heritage breeds of Scotland, tour University of Glasgow School of Veterinary Medicine, meet and enjoy lectures by University of Glasgow faculty, explore Scotland’s history/myths/landscape, and so much more! For more information, contact Dr. Kelly George (.239) or Dr. Difei Shen (.1040). Applications for this trip are due October 1, 2018

  12. Love Volunteering? Love Primates?

    At A.P.E.S. (American Primate Educational Sanctuary) volunteers take on a role similar to that of a keeper in a zoo. They clean the cages, prepare meals, do dishes, prepare enrichment, and other upkeep that may need done. It requires a lot of hard work and they look for dedicated volunteers to help out. Volunteers are required to come at least one designated day each week and work for about 3-4 hours. Volunteering with A.P.E.S. is a very rewarding educational experience. If this seems like something you would be interested in, check out their website here! Feel free to reach out to Pam White (614)657-8944 with any questions. 

  13. Volunteer with The Mid-Ohio Foodbank

    The Mid-Ohio Foodbank is hoping to share some of their volunteer opportunities with students and faculty. They have a variety of projects available and would love some new volunteers! They are happy to host both individuals and groups at their activities. If you are interested please visit their website at


  14. University Mental Health Resources

    All OSU Counseling and Consultation Services (CCS) staff were sent home to tele-commute until further notice.The CCS phone line 614-292-5766 remains available for emergency assistance 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. Students can push 2 to reach a mental health counselor at any time.

    CCS has suspended onsite and in person services, including those at embedded locations, through at least May 3, 2020.  You are still able to connect with a counselor  for a 30 minute phone or video consultation using Carmen Zoom or Skype. These consultations are offered 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM Monday through Friday in order to check in with students, problem solve, and offer support.  Students will need to share their address/location at the time of the call.

    Students can access many self-help tools that are available on the CCS website at . The CCS COVID-19 updates page linked to the website is a great resource. On that page, students will find helpful coping skills such as the mental health strategies video series. This time that can be difficult for many. All students are encouraged to check that out.

    This link also contains some great information for coping right now:

    If you encounter a suspected emergency situation with any student during this time, crisis support is available by calling CCS at 614-292-5766. If this happens with the student remotely located, please try to get as much contact information about the student such as name, phone number, OSU dot #, and address where they are currently located. If you suspect safety is at risk or compromised at that time for the student or anyone they are with, please call 9-1-1. They will help immediately regardless of where the student is physically located. After you have done one of the steps above, please let me know of the situation so that follow up contact attempts can be made with the student. Please make sure to provide me with the best way to reach you right now too.

    This is an unusual time for all of us. Please practice good self-care, social distancing, and stay safe. Additional information on Coronavirus (COVID-19) is available at . Faculty and Staff should also remember our OSU Employee Assistance Program is still available by contacting 614-292-4700 or 800-678-6269.

    A full list of available counselors in the college can be found here

  15. CFAES Mental Health Counselor

    Did you know that CFAES has hired a counselor to support the needs of their students' mental health?  Dr. Wirt holds counseling sessions in Ag Admin Room 100 four days a week and is in Lincoln Tower on Wednesday. See the attached if you’re interested in making an appointment.

  16. Handshake

    Ohio State has switched to Handshake - a modern career development platform for students to explore career employment, internships and other opportunities, based on their interests, major and skills. FisherConnect and Symplicity (CareerEngine, Hireabuckeye, FutureLink, Buckeye Careers Network) have transitioned to Handshake.

    Handshake offers many exciting new features, including:

    • Relevant feed of job and internship opportunities
    • News feed containing the latest information from career services offices and favorite employers
    • Resources specifically matching students interests

    Student accounts are preloaded and can be accessed at, using their name.# and password. Students will need to complete their profiles with details, such as work experiences, skills, interests and organizations. Next, students can explore the many resources and tools that are available in Handshake.  

  17. Portfolium Resource Page

    The College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences has renewed its partnership with and will continue to provide ALL students and faculty the opportunity to create a professional, online digital portfolio. In today’s world, employers seek evidence of career-relevant skills and competencies beyond listings on a resume. Students at all levels can easily create evidence-based credentials. In other words, attaching documents, videos, audio files, graphics, coding samples and presentations help demonstrate your knowledge and abilities.

    You should have already received your Portfolium invitation with the subject: “Access your CFAES Portfolium.” The email contains a link to activate your free verified account within the CFAES network using your Ohio State credentials.  If you missed the initial email, you can also join by using the Portfolium Resource Page.

    For more information or inquires, contact Elaine Eberlin.

  18. Network with Alumnifire

    Alumnifire is an online professional networking and mentoring tool for Ohio State alumni, students and staff to exchange industry expertise and career advice. Get connected with Alumnifire and join this powerful Buckeye network.

    Learn more here

    For questions or additional information feel free to contact us at 614-292-3314 or 800-635-8944.

  19. Animal Sciences Career Services Site

    The Career Services page on the departmental site has been redeveloped to hopefully make it more user-friendly. Check out helpful resources for building a resume, writing cover letters and more. There are resume templates that can be used to create a resume in case you don’t know where to start. In addition, there is an option for students to submit their resume and/or cover letters for review, prior to applying for internships or going to the career expo. Check it out!

  20. Ohio State Health & Wellness Resources


    Emergency: Dial 911
    University Police: 614-292-2121
    Student Advocacy Center: 614-292-1111
    Student Judicial Affairs: 614-292-0748
    Counseling and Consultation Services: 614-292-5766
    OSU Suicide Prevention: 614-221-5445
    Campus Advocacy Program for Survivors of Sexual Violence: 614-292-4527
    BART (For witnesses or victims of discrimination): 614-688-8449
    Student Health Services: 614-292-4321
    Office for Disability Services: 614-292-3307
    Multicultural Center: 614-688-8449
    Student Wellness Program: 614-292-4527
    University Housing: 614-292-8266