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Miner Institute Paid Internship

These programs are available to agriculture and life science students in their junior or senior years of study. Students are encouraged to register for college credit at their home institution, and are responsible for making arrangements for credits. These programs are designed as a 4-credit course, although other arrangements may be made through the student’s home institution. Each student’s wage for the semester is $3,000. Students live in the Middleton Miller Student Housing Complex and are provided breakfast and lunch each weekday in our on-site cafeteria.  There is a refundable $100 security deposit for the room which is deducted from the first paycheck and $50 is deducted from each paycheck to cover room and board for the summer, a total cost of $300; netting the student $2700 for the summer. 

The 2020 program begins May 18 and ends August 14.

There are three programs. More information can be found below. 

Summer Experience in Farm Management

Summer Experience in Equine Management

Summer Experience in Ag Research

 Applications are due February 15.