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Herdsman Wanted for 1500 cow farm in Northeastern Vermont

Modern dairy farm in Northeastern Vermont seeks highly qualified Herdsman to work with owners and employees in a team approach to accomplishing our goals of higher and more efficient milk production, reproductive and transition health. 

Duties include but are not limited to; Milking and treatment of fresh and sick cows. The knowledge and ability to use DC 305 to keep up to date daily records of treatments, vaccinations, and movements of all animals on a farm. Working with other barn employees to make sure all necessary daily barn tasks are completed in a productive and caring way. Must be felxible and willing to learn new tasks.

Minimum experience required:

  • 3 years performing responsibilities listed above
  • 2 years of formal dairy education or 5 years performing duties listed above

Preferred experience:

  • 4 year dairy science degree
  • Minimum of 3 years performing responsibilities listed above

Strong references are a must. Compensation will be very competitive and commiserate with experience and training. 

Please submit a cover letter explaining your interest, a full resume with references and school transcripts.