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Sombrero Ranches Summer Internship

Sombrero Ranches is one of the largest guest horse operations in the country, currently running about 1500 head.  The company has been around for over 50 years and is still owned by the same family.  Each year, several of our stables hire people from around the country to come spend a summer in Colorado working with horses.  Each stable takes guests out on trail rides in the Rocky Mountains and maintains a herd of up to 150 horses at a time.  This is an excellent opportunity for students interested in a summer job or an internship. 

Most wranglers stay for about a 90 day period over the summer months.  There is possible opportunity for a few to stay for a year, and if anyone is getting this letter that is not in school for the spring semester, we will need some wranglers to start working in March.  Living quarters and most meals are provided in addition to a salary and tips.  This job requires horse knowledge and solid experience, and a real love of working with people.  It also is lots of work and long hours, but it is very rewarding.  If you are someone who loves horses, people, and working outside you should consider applying.  There is a wealth of information on the company and each stable online at  Please check it out and see if it could be something for you.

Sombrero is currently accepting applications for the spring and summer 2017 season.  You can go online and print an application.  When applying, please include a paper (just a couple of paragraphs or so) describing your past experience with horses and if you have spent any time teaching children or adults how to ride.  Also include how long you have ridden, what kind of riding you have done, what kind of work you have done with horses, and if you have ever owned horses.  Or if there is anything else you would like to include, please do!  It is advised to also recommend including some reference contact information, and including a full length photo, so they have a face to place with your application.  You do not need to send in an actual letter of reference, but if you do, please put it in the SAME envelope as your application, or else it might get lost!  They ask that you try to have applications in around late January to early February, as all hiring is done by mid-March.  Please send applications directly to the stable address in Estes Park:

Sombrero Stables
1895 Big Thompson Ave
Estes Park CO, 80517
re: Job Application 

Again, please include ALL materials in the SAME envelope so that nothing is lost and everything is together!
Please feel free to ask any questions at any time. Some more important things to know can be found here. The stable office number is 970-586-4577 or you are welcome to email Kristyn Smith.