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Animal Science Academic Quadrathlon

Congratulations to Nick Erf, Jack Korenyi-Both, Allie Schroeder, and Jade Werner for winning the quadrathlon.  Wish the team luck as they prepare to represent Ohio State at the Midwest American Society of Animal Sciences meeting over spring break!

From Dr. Ottobre:

"Team 2 won the Oral Competition and the Written Exam on Monday, with Team 1 close behind. Team 1 won the Quiz Bowl last night.  For the overall competition, Team 1 edged out Team 2 by having the lowest sum when adding the rankings on each event. Congratulations to Team 1 for winning this year’s Academic Quadrathlon!

Congratulation to all the teams, and we appreciate your involvement in this exciting competition! Thank you for willingly spending two of your evenings working hard at these challenging events!

The winning team has been invited to represent Ohio State at the Midwest American Society of Animal Sciences meeting.  The event will begin on Sunday, March 11 in Lincoln, NE at the University where the students will compete in the Oral Presentation and Practicum.  It will finish in Omaha on Monday, March 12 with the Written Exam and Quiz Bowl.  I will be joining the students at the meeting. 

Many thanks to all of the volunteer participants, without which this would not be possible: 

Co-Chairs: Mike Cressman and Lyda Garcia

Oral Presentation judges: Karmella Dolecheck, Ana Grum, and Rachel Woodfint

Quiz Bowl readers: Masa Williams and Eric England

Quiz Bowl scorekeepers: Steve Moeller and Brady Campbell

Quiz Bowl Buzzer Monitors: Emily Chucta, Sarah Battista, and Mary Burkemper

Food, refreshments, and set-up:  Joan Galbraith and Taylor White

Also, much appreciation goes to our co-Chair, Dr. Garcia, and the students on the Meat Judging Team for preparing some delicious hamburgers for everyone involved last night!!"