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Targeting Excellence Scholarship

The 2022 Targeting Excellence scholarship application is now live. Attached is a flyer with more information. The application can be accessed here. Applications will close at 11:59 on Friday March 4th.

For 2022, Targeting Excellence is requiring all applicants to answer one of the following essay question:

  1. The US Supreme Court is slated to make a decision on whether it will hear arguments for/against California Prop 12 in the coming weeks.  This is an amendment to the constitution of California that attempts to impose arbitrary welfare requirements about  how food animal products that come into California are produced in other states.  It is being challenged in federal court based on the argument that it violates the Commerce clause of the US Constitution. Even though this legislation is specifically about swine production, what will be the likely impact on all food animal production in the US?    What is one argument you would make for your position if you were presenting your case to the Supreme Court?  
  2. In recent weeks, the White House has made statements that inflation related to food prices is due to a lack of competition within the food animal ag industry. Do you agree or disagree with this statement? What do you think is the cause of the increased prices at the grocery store?

Students have the option of submitting a written response (max 750 words) or a video response (max 5min in length; max 100mb file)

In addition to submitting one of the essays above each applicant must also submit a written personal statement of career goals (max 500 words).